What Every Business Must Know to Ensure their Outsourced Marketing Actually Delivers Massive Sales Growth

Avoid the rip-offs. The wasted advertising spend. The disappointment. 



Kristina Mills

Respected marketing strategist, founder of Words that Sell and Intl Writers & Consultants Academy



Friday Aug 5 at 10 am

Los Angeles:  

Thursday Aug 4  at 5pm

New York:

Thursday Aug 4  at 8pm



If you're frustrated with working with marketing agencies that promise the world but don't deliver, this will be eye-opening. I'll share with you industry insider information that helps you source and select the right marketing partners for your objectives - and avoid the costly mistakes that many companies make.

Over the years I've heard so many stories from clients being disappointed in their marketing providers or at worst being totally ripped off,  so I have decided to run an online training that helps you make the right choice.  

Some of the problems occur because the company chooses the wrong type of marketing service for their sales goals eg. a big social media push when PPC would work better.

Sometimes the client doesn't know the right questions to ask.

And sometimes it's because they choose either ineffective or unscrupulous operators. This online training is to help set the record straight.

There's nothing to sell on this webinar. It's pure information.

What You'll Discover:

  1. Clarity: Two points to get absolutely clear on what you really want and need before you start on your search. This will help you identify the types of contractors or agency that is a match. This exercise alone can mean the difference between being over the moon with your results or being bitterly disappointed again.
  2. The Briefing Black Hole: The biggest reasons why business owners don't get what they want is they don't know what will drive a result and the agency doesn't ask the right questions. Here are some simple questions to ask to accurately brief any agency.
  3. The BS Litmus Test: How to see past the sales hype and tell whether or not they're smoke and mirrors
  4. The Generalists vs Specialist Dilemma: Half a dozen specialists or one generalist? Both have their pros and cons. Here's ow to find the sweet spot. 
  5. Overseas Outsourcing of Marketing: What works, what doesn't and what to NEVER outsource. 
  6. The 7 must-have questions to determine whether to say YES to that offer: Different specialists require different questions. Unless you're an industry insider it's difficult to know what to ask to see who will deliver the goods.
  7. SEO consultants: There are a lot of sharks in this industry and there are some great players. Here's a quick insight into how to pinpoint the ones who deliver.
  8. Web design: The most important element that needs to be covered in your website to drive traffic but most web design firms don't pay attention to. 
  9. Copywriters and content writers: Fees and talent vary wildly in this industry. The one you select MUST have the experience and nous that is a fit with your objectives.  If it isn't you'll be disappointed.  
  10. Social Media Agencies: Avoid the 'Driving Engagement' money pit that costs you big money but doesn't bring you leads.