For Coaches, Therapists, Experts & Consultants Who Want to Build a Multi-Six Figure Business Sharing their Message with the World

Leave a legacy.

"It's where business street smart and ancient alchemy meet to create magical results."

​Isn't it about time, beautiful soul?

Time to play a much bigger game.

Time to fully -- with ALL your heart -- immerse yourself in your innate power and FULLY surrender to -- fully live -- your soul's calling -- the way you were meant to.

It's time for you to stop working those crazy hours for clients who don't appreciate your gifts and continually eat away at your sense of self worth. 

It's time for you to start earning the financial riches you deserve ... in exchange for that immense wealth of talent that streams through you.

It's time now - for you to build that spiritual empire. 

"Own that smouldering, delicious, divine power that's ripe --- ready -- bursting to come out in its full glory."

Book yourself solid. Earn amazing money with online courses - with premium group mentoring programs. Or - start charging double for your one on one work.

Maybe you've already dipped your toe in the water but haven't been sure about how to make it work. 

Or maybe you dream of working exclusively with inspirational, high end clients who make you feel alive and pay you much higher fees, but you've struggled to attract new clients.

"Her passion, vision and innate wisdom combine with a formidable life and business experience to make her the brilliant success strategist she is."

William Whitecloud - Magician's Way

Well, all that is about to change.  Here's how ... 

Here's How to Shatter that $100,000 or $200,000 Income Ceiling or Beyond

Bringing Your Spiritual Gifts to the World

... Fully ... Sacredly ... Lusciously.

Join me for the Spiritual Empire Academy.  It's a 12 month mentoring program that infuses you with the wisdom, the knowledge, the strategies, the business acumen, and the 'light quotient' to uplevel.

But first, a little about me ... so you can see what right I have to be talking to you now.

I'm like you -- someone with a DEEP, all-encompassing calling and yearning to serve humanity. And someone too who has the track record in business to support your business growth.

Back in 1992 I started my copywriting and marketing agency. Since then, I've had the incredible honour of working with some of the country's most inspirational consultants, speakers, coaches, healers and thought leaders ... helping many of them make millions of dollars.

I've earned multi-six figures as a consultant. I've built a six figure online publishing business. And I've owned or partnered in about a dozen different types of businesses over the years.

But enough about me. Let's look at what Spiritual Empire Academy is about.

12 Months of Online Group Coaching,
Training, Motivational Support, Strategy,
Swipe Files &  MAGIC to  ...
Build a Thriving Business ... doing what only you were born to do

Discover your unique, Soul-fired Genius Blueprint that uncovers your soul gifts, passions and the perfect vehicle for you to share your 'Great Work'.

Shatter that Income Ceiling ... even If you've been living ground hog day forever

Money blocks, the wrong strategy, the wrong business model, confidence issues, and lack of clarity keep many people playing small. (I know, I've been there). The training in this program will fix that.

Magnetize Soul Mate Clients on Autopilot

Build your own high performing lead funnel which saves you up to eight hours a week by not having to hustle to book discovery calls. You'll have people coming to you.

Master the Art of Writing Words that Sell

I've taught over 30,000 people to write words that sell. You'll get access to the same principles that have helped my clients create six figure launches.

Turn Way More 'No's' into Yes's ... with a Soulful, Fun Sales Process.

Selling is serving. Selling is helping transform people's lives. The process we show you will completely change your relationship to the sales process.

Own your Brilliance, Step into your Sovereignty and Live Your Divine Power

I'll walk you through the exact steps to take to find your voice, own your voice and build your tribe ... more rapidly than you ever imagined.

5 Figure Product Launch and a 6 Figure Program Launch ... from a small list

You'll get an inside look at how we've produced big dollar launches and get the exact system, checklists and processes to do the same for your launch.

Use the Power of Alchemy to Call in Miraculous Results

Spiritual Empire Academy is where street smart business meets ancient alchemy so you get not only the strategic nous and tools to grow your business, you also learn how to master universal forces in the way that the ancient alchemists did with training, invocations, rituals and meditations.

Uplevel your Consciousness. Be the Transformational Leader You Were Born to Be. 

Building a business is as much about uplevelling your frequency as it is having the right strategy. You'll receive exercises, rituals, invocations and meditations and a 'safe, supportive' CRADLE to help you uplevel.

Why Kristina?

First let me ask you a question ... If you've had this dream for a while now, why aren't you already doing it?

If you're like most people I talk to, it's because you've been trying to do it on your own. That doesn't work. I know. I've been there. 

I know what it's like to try and run a business while struggling with burn-out, with chronic health issues, with marriage break downs, with the sensitivity of being an empath, and with raising two children as a solo parent.

I also know that gut-wrenching feeling of having had $10 left in my bank account, credit cards chocked up to their limit and no idea of how I was going to buy groceries, let alone pay the mortgage.

Sure, these were trying times but I made it through and so can you.

As a marketer of visionaries I know first-hand what works and what doesn't. - so everything I share with you, I've proven in my own businesses or clients' businesses. 

Here are some of the results I've helped clients achieve:

    • 6,500 leads in 24 hours from 1 email.
    • 958 webinar registrations in a week.
    • $104,520 in a week from a program launch.
    • $90,000 in sales for a coaching company in 2 weeks.

That's on the marketing side ... I'm also a life long student of mysticm and esoteric traditions so I'll help you harness the laws of nature to ensure you're vibrating at the right frequency to attract whatever it is your heart wants.

So - let's work together to get you out there making an even bigger difference.

Love to you x


Monthly live group coaching calls and a richly supportive Facebook community. 

  • Regular 5 day challenges to maximise momentum:
  • Facebook Lives
  • Sales Challenge
  • Enrollment Posts
  • Fear Busting 
  • Manifestation  & more.

12 week Spiritual Empire Academy core curriculum designed to help you package, market and sell your high ticket programs

12 x Monthly Video trainings, examples, checklists, swipe files and  cheat sheets of PROVEN strategies to build your influence, confidence, productivity and cash.

Bi-monthly invocations, rituals, meditations and alchemy exercises to own your power


The program is life-changing when you play full out. And as with any change, it means being prepared and having all the tools and resources you need in place to get the best possible transformation from the program.

That's why, as soon as you enroll, you'll get access to the Foundations module so you can start learning, dreaming, and taking action immediately - even before the program officially kicks off.

    • Be guided through an ancient visioning process that clearly brings your vision to life in the superconscious ... even if you have had trouble getting clarity in the past.
    • Harness the power of shapeshifting and energy to create a vibrational resonance with your tribe.
    • Find out the pricing sweetspot for your products, programs and consulting work.
    • Keen to continue offering one-on-one services? You'll learn how to package your paid-by-the hour services into higher value packages that deliver even more of a transformation and at double or maybe triple your hourly rate. This is the same value pricing method my multi-million dollar accounting and consulting firm clients use.
    • Use my 3 part 'past client' win-back campaign to uncover instant sales opportunities.
    • Discover the step-by-step process to reach out to Facebook friends in a way they're excited to find out more.
    • Use my prelaunch teaser formula to start building attraction and momentum on Facebook.
    • Know how to handle objections and turn more NO's into YES's.
  • Get super clear on the biggest problem that your potential client faces and create an irresistible optin offer that solves that problem.
  • Get a step by step process for structuring ebooks, webinars, cheat sheets, video courses and more.
  • Learn my copywriting formula for creating words that sell
  • Discover a simple way to design a five-star lead magnet even if you have no design skill.
  • Learn my Sacred Messaging Formula that helps you create high frequency messaging through word selection, rhythm, imagery and intention.
    • Create a super soul-fuelled nurturing process that turns sceptics into adoring fans fast and attracts inbound enquiries from highly qualified people who take action.
    • Understand the fundamentals of list building and which lead generation activities will produce the best results for you.

    Learn how to design your sales page easily ... without any design skills.

    • CRM secrets: How to keep track of your prospects efficiently.


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12 easy payments
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Invest just $USD 2,997 
  • (SAVE $603) plus ...
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  • A 1on1 Offer & Program Mapping Consultation (worth $1,000)
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    ... plus get instant access to all the Spiritual Empire Academy core curriculum
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