Social Media

You know that social media, if done correctly, will be highly profitable for your company as a growth strategy. The trouble is:

a) there’s so much to know to be able to get it to technically do what you want it to do

b) to ensure that the communication you have accurately and professionally reflects your brand.

c) to ensure that the communication you have online hits the spot.

That’s where a Social Media Strategy Audit comes in.

We will:

  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to your company
  • Analyse how your current and potential clients are interacting online
  • Get clear on what you want your social media strategy to achieve.
  • Then recommend specific solutions to achieve your goals.

Here’s what our Social Media Strategy Audit will cover and assess:

  • Analyse the social media activities of up to three competitors and determine what is and what isn’t working in the way they communicate using social media.
  • Analyse your current social media activities. This includes your tactics, who your target market is, your communications style, and how efficiently you are using the various social media automation and promotion tools.
  • Define direct response strategies to directly drive sales to your store or website.
  • Provide you with 50 sample postings to specifically enhance your brand, create engagement with your audience and directly increase sales.
  • Articulate specific tactics on how to communicate using multiple social media presences at once which saves time and increases the impact you have with customers.
  • Review your current media automation and promotion tools and make recommendations on further tools (where appropriate).
  • Reveal how to create content more effectively and efficiently saving your social media team time.
  • Provide you with detailed instructions on how to measure your results, which metrics to measure and why.

Social Media Management


  • Set up your Facebook page
  • Attract new “likers”
  • Engage with your audience
  • Source and post content
  • Integrate with Facebook advertising
  • Undertake lead generation and list building activities


  • Attract followers
  • Source and tweet content

Linked In

  • Set up a profile that sells
  • Advise on relationship building tactics
  • Advise on setting up and managing groups
  • Manage interactions

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