Direct Response Web Design

A good website will tell people how your business can help them.  A great website creates leads and sales. To achieve that, your website needs to have the right look and feel to match your branding, web copy that sells, the right sales elements that create the right buying environment, and the right marketing strategy.

What makes the difference?

  1. Being clear on the objective of your website before you begin and ensure that all the content, design and marketing activities are a match with the objective.
  2. The nature, colour, design, wording and placement of lead capture mechanisms on your page.
  3. How well the words sell.
  4. The type of lead generation offers promoted on the site.
  5. The way in which you attract traffic to the website – using a combination of the right search engine optimisation techniques, social media, social bookmarking, PPC advertising and more.
  6. The type of sales content on the website.
  7. The functionality of the site.
  8. How your ecommerce functions are set-up.

Six important questions to consider

1. Do you have a clear sales strategy for your website?

2. How effective are the words on your website at making a sale?

3. Do you know the emotional triggers of your target market?

4. Is your website optimised for search engines (SEO)?

5. If you’re planning to advertise your website, have you structured your site correctly to get your visitors to take action? If you haven’t you’re losing potential customers.

6. Do you have an automated follow-up system to build strong relationships and turn more visitors into paying customers and if so, how effective is it?

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