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Need a Direct Response Copywriter Who Gets Results?

... specialist in sales page copywriting, landing page copywriting, email campaigns, and lead funnels.

Perhaps right now your sales copy is tanking and you need to up your responses - like right now. Maybe you've tried various tweaks yourself and it's not working. Time is ticking away and your ad spend is increasing. You need to fix the problem fast.

Or maybe you're launching an exciting new product and you need a lead funnel and a website that sells.

You realise that the key to dramatically lifting your sales is to engage a direct response copywriter who gets results.

Maybe you've been looking for awhile and you're frustrated with copywriters who simply don't 'get it'?

Don't get the strategy.

Don't get your 'big picture' of what you're trying to achieve.

If you're about to kickstart an important campaign or breathe new life into an old one and you want to be sure that your words sell ... it makes sense to work with a direct response copywriter who specialises in lead funnels, conversion copy and content writing that sells.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Kristina Mills. I'm an online-specialist copywriter who, over the last 22 years has helped 1000's of small and medium businesses increase their ROI dramatically. Over the years, our expertise has made our clients several millions of dollars.

Let my team and I help you drive fast sales growth into your business too.


Here's a small selection of copywriting results. To find out about specific ones that apply to businesses in your industry, just ask us when you call.

Here's a small selection of copywriting results. To find out about specific ones that apply to businesses in your industry, just ask us when you call.

    • 81% response (yes, that’s right) to a “launch invitation” direct mail campaign to a warm list.
    • 48% increase in sales from an online sales page (online guitar lessons).
    • 21% response rate from direct mail to a cold list without telephone follow-up. Telephone follow-up doubled the responses again.
    • Improved response rate from under 10%% to between 70 - 80% (insurance campaign).
    • Doubling of annual turnover from one letter (automotive touch up)
    • So many calls from Yellow Pages they had to hire more staff within the 1st 3 weeks of the ad running (cleaning)
    • Quality of leads improved 90% and they increased prices 10% (office products)
    • 74 media mentions (many international) from a product launch.
    • A series of ads (property investment industry) that consistently produced between150 and 200 attendances per week in Brisbane and attracted 600 and 1200 seminar registrations for Sydney and Melbourne events.
    • Increase in phone enquiries from 1 to 50 for a financial institution.
    • 600 – 800 attendances per event for one of the world’s leading NLP speakers - their biggest result ever.
    • 52% response to a cold, industry-specific prospecting campaign (with a gimmick enclosed).


    • Lead funnels, landing pages and lead magnets
    • Email campaigns, EDMs, reactivation campaigns, newsletters & sequences
    • Sales copy of all types
    • Direct mail campaigns & sales letters
    • Facebook ads, Google Adwords & PPC campaigns
    • Social media management
    • Website copywriting
    • LinkedIn Profiles
    • LinkedIn Prospecting
    • LinkedIn Articles
    • Brochures & corporate communications material
    • Ebooks
    • Ghost writing
    • Press releases
    • and anything else that involves the written word

Copywriting Clients: 

    • Roger Hamilton's - Fast Forward Your Business Tour
    • Foxley
    • Universal Events
    • Global One Training
    • Panalitix
    • MagicEzy
    • Trilogy Funding
    • BSI Group
    • Rule 3 PropertyPerformance
    • AR Developments
    • 10X Limited
    • Elevating Food Safety
    • Duco Magic
    • Wealth Guard
    • AFA Wealth
    • Quest Property Investment Services
    • Oracle CMS
    • Lexi Corporate Publishing
    • Keith Abraham
    • Roamfree.com
    • Seek.com.au
    • Marketplace Communications
    • Web Monster

Nothing compares to Kris' writing ability and strategic marketing thinking

Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

Rob Nixon

One of the most talented strategists in Australia & possibly the world

Over the years I’ve rubbed shoulders with a number of accomplished marketing strategists, through my international business dealings, and from what I have experienced, I consider you to be one of the most talented copywriters and strategists in Australia … and possibly the world. ”​​

Nic Clark
Cofounder, 10X

The results she gets speak volumes

Kristina is a talented and enormously gifted person; the results she gets speak volumes. But gifted people can be difficult. Kristina is anything but that-she works enormously hard to get things right and to make her gift really work for her clients. She’s a joy to know and to work with.”​

Paul Dunn

Brilliant Success Strategist

”​​Kristina  is one of the most dynamic personalities I have had the pleasure of working with. Her passion, vision and innate wisdom combine with a formidible life and business experience to make her the brilliant success strategist that she is."

William Whitecloud
Magicians Way

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