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“Extraordinary ability ”

“Kristina is a brilliant presenter and has an extraordinary ability to write copy. Couple that with a caring, can do attitude and you’ve got an awesome Kristina.”

Rik Schnabel

Founder, Wealth Club International

Nothing compares to Kris’ writing ability and strategic marketing thinking”

“Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

Rob Nixon

CEO, Panalitix (formerly Proactive Accountants Network)



1. 6,500 leads in 24 hours from 1 x list building EDM (email) Their target was 3,000

2. 958 webinar registrations over a week. They were hoping for 500.

3. $104,520 in sales made in 1 week from a program beta launch email campaign promoting a $780 product.

4. 6% conversion rate from an email list of 1500. They were expecting 3%

5. $90,000 ex-GST in sales for a coaching company in two weeks from a lead funnel we created and a $1500 ad spend.

6. An online training company produced a 48% sales increase from a sales page we wrote.

7. 72 leads attracted in 2 days at zero cost using LinkedIn … plus there are many more.

8. $15,000 in high ticket program sales in 3 days from a $200 ad spend.

9. $3,000 sale for a brand new copywriter after completing our course

10. From zero to $100k in sales of a $79 product in under 12 months.

11. Attracted high ticket consulting projects of $100,000, $260,000, $165,000 and more.

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12 Over 800 registrations to a personal development seminar – the biggest they’ve ever had.

13 1200 registrations to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Melbourne.

14 Consistently produced 100 – 200 responses to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Brisbane and 500+ responses to a mortgage elimination ad in Sydney.


15 Media release which generated free publicity and produced 930 leads.

16 A direct mail campaign which for a $3,000 cost which generated $170,000 in commission potential.

17 Drove their marketing activity and helped take them from zero to $3,400,000 in 18 months.

18 Helped achieve 40 property sales commitments made in one evening from a project marketing launch.

19 Assisted in the development of seminar presentation and hand out material that generated anywhere from 33% – 66% conversion to appointment.

20. 0 increase in responses from a flyer based on past results.


21 home service franchisor got a 1000% improvement in return on advertising money spend – 10 times the leads for the same amount of money.

22 A car service franchisor doubled their annual turnover from one advertising pack

23 Helped an accounting profession franchisor build an eight figure business

24 Helped a property company go from start-up to industry leader in 18 months

25 A cleaning license company generated $119,500 in license sales from one ad and attracted two international license enquiries.


26 We created an ad in the Sunday Mail for a financial institution promoting a new loan product. Their previous advertising used to generate about 1 telephone call on the Sunday and then responses picked up on the Monday. The ad we created brought over 50 calls on the Sunday alone.

27 Our client wanted to sell more business insurance to its clients. They sent out a campaign previously with a strong offer and generated 8% on their letter. We revamped the letter and it is consistently pulling 20-22%.

28 A mortgage broker used one of my lead generation letters and after sending just 150 letters out, he wrote 6 deals from it and earned himself $11,000.

29 Another broker wrote $2.8 Million in Loan Transactions from one budget flyer campaign. We have dozens more mortgage broker success stories like this one.


30 An office equipment retailer generated a 324% increase in responses.

31 I wrote marketing collateral that attracted 26% of their client base to an event – 66% more than their best result previously (and these people were already great marketers).

32 One strategy and revamping of a letter generated 600 open day responses for a marine dealer. They hoped for 200.

33 Our car detailing client found that most callers in the past had been tyre kickers — they’d ring around for the best price. The ad we created brought them a tremendous increase in calls and reduced their price shoppers by 90%. What’s more, these results have allowed them to increase their prices on one of their services by 10% without any reduction in business. This is amazing in a very price competitive industry.