If you’re a consultant, coach or professional service provider and you’re at the point in your business where you want to scale up your income by 6 figures, without scaling up your workload, you’re going to love the FireUp program. It’s an 8 week, super-intense program featuring online training, group mentoring, one on one coaching and a live event.

We’ll work hand in hand with you to:

  • Define a unique business model and signature service offering that enables you to leverage your time, offer even higher value to your clients while you earn more and work less.
  • Identify a specific market of people who are excited and actually yearning for your help right now.
  • Create a personal identity and thought leader positioning that creates irresistible attraction and viral share-ability online.
  • Create messaging that deeply resonates and excites your ideal client into saying YES to your work.
  • Develop an automated online lead generation system and lead funnel that attracts qualified potential clients 24/7 – while you sleep.
  • Create Facebook Ads that not only work, they attract new clients at a cost per sale that is incredibly profitable.
  • Master an empathic enrolment process that creates heart felt connections and potentially triples your conversions
  • Implement a proven system for attracting more people on LinkedIn … and much more.

This is for you if:

  • You’re in a service-based business.
  • You’re committed to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • You aren’t afraid of technology.
  • You’re committed to doing whatever it takes to get a result.
  • You are prepared to invest in online advertising and marketing.
  • You’re probably earning $100,000 plus and you’re wanting to earn an extra $100k in the next year



You’re already successful in your consulting, training or coaching business and you’re now ready to play a much bigger game on a world stage.  You’re craving a way to create a more scaleable business where you can leverage what you do and at the same time impact way more people.

You know that to do that you need to not only work smarter but also ‘best of breed’ positioning, and digital marketing strategies that crate a massive impact in the marketplace.

You also know that you need a sounding board, a cheerleader and someone to hold you accountable.

That’s what ‘The Propulsion’ program does.

It’s a year long mastermind program that is designed to provide you with the potential to achieve a ROI of 10 times your investment when you implement our teachings.

You will:

  • Be making a true and real impact on a world stage
  • Move away from that overcrowded ‘sea of sameness’ and truly differentiate yourself from others in your industry
  • Get paid what you’re truly worth – typically people can achieve a doubling or tripling of what they previously earned per hour.
  • Have a suite of signature, leveraged programs that maximise the average lifetime value of your clients
  • Experience a dramatic lift in your email open rates, your email click throughs and the number of people responding to your campaigns.
  • Dramatically increase your visibility and engagement using social media and create a following of people who are huge fans of your message
  • Fill your live events and webinars more easily than ever – even in a heavily crowded marketplace
  • Have enrolment conversions that increase your conversions by 50% – 300%
  • Know how to attract a constant stream of highly qualified leads into your business (and any other business you decide to start in the future)
  • Have a streamlined, fully optimised digital marketing delivery processes that converts and works seamlessly behind the scenes

This 12 month program addresses 9 key areas in your business:

  1. Your calling
  2. Your leveraged business model
  3. Your 12 month action plan
  4. Your quick wins – small tweaks you can make to your marketing KPIs that will produce an instant lift in your results
  5. Your message & positioning
  6. Your pricing
  7. Your lead generation activities
  8. Your sales conversions
  9. Your client delight and retention processes

Here’s what you get:

  • Instant access to my Facebook Advertising Course
  • Instant access to LinkedIn Mastery Course
  • Instant access to Consulting Project Fee FireUp course
  • Admission into our Sales & Marketing FireUp program
  • Half Day One-on-One Strategic Planning session with me to kickstart your results
  • Monthly video trainings where we address one of the 9 key areas of business growth
  • Monthly 1 on 1 coaching session via (Skype) with me
  • Fortnightly 1.5 hour group coaching call with me where I’ll provide personalised feedback
  • 2 live ‘intensives’ (live in retreats) per year (February and August) where we roll up our sleeves, mastermind, brainstorm, learn and implement.
  • Unlimited email access to me for feedback and brainstorming
  • Admission to the private Facebook ‘Propulsion’ community where you can get feedback, encouragement and collaboration opportunities

Admission to this program is by application and interview only. This program isn’t for everyone. We only work with people who are committed to making a difference in the world and people too who show a track record of implementing what they learn and people who we feel are in businesses that we feel that we can genuinely help. That’s why we have a ‘get to know you’ Discovery session first to see if you’re a fit with us and we’re a fit with you.