The 'Vibrational Resonance' of Words: How Metaphysics Affects Your Marketing Results

As someone who has been a direct response marketer for 23 years and a student of mysticism, what I've witnessed over the years is that there's WAY more to producing massive results with marketing campaigns, content, videos (anything in the marketing space) than having the right strategy the right timing, the right target audience, and the right formula.

I've seen copy that follows a textbook formula BOMB. I've seen copy that doesn't follow a textbook formula GO OFF THE RICHTER CHART.

Don't get me wrong, all of the elements I mentioned earlier are important but here's what a lot of people miss

I’m a firm believer that regardless of whether or not you follow a formula, the state of mind you’re in when you write, design and execute a marketing campaign, has a direct result on the results you generate.

Here's what I mean ...

It's metaphysics.

Thoughts are electric. Emotions are magnetic. When we ascribe strong emotions to our thoughts, electro-magnetism occurs which then creates matter.

The same happens when we create anything.

Whether we realise it or not, an electromagnetic reaction takes place when we put pen to paper and infuse that writing with emotion.

A Result MATTER-ialises.

So we have two pieces of copy, say ...

One piece is written following the right formula, is targeted at the right audience, and crosses all the t’s and dots the I’s … yet the writer of the copy is in a bad or disconnected mood when they write.

Another piece of copy ...

Again, it follows all the rules, follows the right formula, is targeted to the right audience etc … and the writer of that copy is inspired by the offering.

Inspired by helping the reader solve that problem.

Inspired by their solution to that problem.

The second piece of copy will always outpull the first.

Okay, you might say that’s obvious. After all, we’re more passionate and emotional and the words that we write connect better with a reader when we’re in an inspired state. That’s why it has more of an impact.

My answer is YES absolutely, that’s a start.

But … there’s more to it than that.

When something has been created it has been given life – it is now ‘matter’.

It has its own life force and therefore a vibrational resonance about it.

In other words, that creation has its own energy signature.

That energy signature will attract the people and the results who are vibrating at a similar frequency to that creation.

Sure, part of it has to do with what it looks like eg. The words on the paper and the attention to detail but so much more of it has to do with its energy.

So what creates the energy?

Lots of things. To begin with ...

Words are ENERGY.

Each word has a vibrational resonance about it.

You might have heard of David Hawkins' book "Power vs Force" where he uses kinesiology to calibrate the consciousness level of people, events and even books.

To give you an example, let's look at four statements:

  1. I admire you.
  2. I love you.
  3. I adore you.
  4. I cherish you.

Each of the words have a similar meaning but they callibrate differently at a vibrational level. In other words, the reaction readers have to each of these words is different.

That's just one sentence in an entire marketing piece of up to 1,000 words or more.

So we've covered the actual words.

There's so much more to a marketing piece than just words.

Rhythm is also ENERGY

Rhythm is created by the sentence structure and punctuation. Rhythm is energy and every unit of energy vibrates at a different rate.

For instance, here are four ways of telling someone you love them yet each statement has a different vibration.

  1. I love you more than ice-cream, puppies and lollipops.
  2. I love you ... more than ice-cream. More than puppies. More than lollipops.
  3. I love you - more than ice-cream - more than puppies - more than lollipops.
  4. I love you ... more than ice-cream ... more than puppies ... more than lollipops.

Which Vibrates Higher?

The last one ...

"I love you ... more than ice-cream ... more than puppies ... more than lollipops."

Okay that's rhythm and sentence structure covered. There are dozens more factors that impact the vibration around a campaign including the mindset of the person writing, designing, managing, or executing the campaign.

Here's an example ...

  • The desperate need to achieve a certain result from that campaign REPELS that result and gives the reader the feeling you are desperate.
  • The fear of a campaign failing is translated into the messaging and the energy around that messaging and attracts failure.
  • The lack of belief in the product by the writer creates a 'lack of belief' in the reader ... regardless of the actual words that are on the paper.
  • The 'I'm writing this for the money it will make me" attracts the feeling in the reader of "all they want is my money."
  • And on it goes.

Moral of the Story?

Remember ... EVERYTHING is energy. EVERYTHING.

So ...

Campaign mastery not only involves strategic, tactical and creative mastery, it also involves mastery of state. Mastery of state by everyone who is involved with the creation and execution of the campaign.

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