More and more accounting firms are using ebooks and webinars as lead generation devices to attract new clients and rightly so. They’re potentially an amazing way to attract new clients. They also involve a lot of effort.

Are they worth all the time and expense it takes to write one?

Answer: Yes and No.

YES … in that, adding value and giving away FREE stuff to potential clients can pitch your accounting firm as experts in your field. It can provide a potential client with solutions to their problems. It also gives you an opportunity to communicate with them further and bring them on as a client.

BUT … and there’s a big but here.

If accounting firms are giving away ebooks with headlines and topics like “Negative Gearing Simplified” or “How to Grow Your Business” chances are their ‘sign up’ rate for those ebooks won’t be all that high.

Another thing to consider, the feeling that a reader has when they read the content of your ebook will be the feeling they have about your firm’s ability to deliver.

If it doesn’t light up their eyes when they read it and make them go “wow”, chances are their eyes won’t be lighting up over your firm either.

Why? The key with an ebook or a webinar is to shout out your point of difference offering information that your reader doesn’t readily know. Something different. Something exciting. Something laced promises of secrets they haven’t discovered before.

So – let’s take a look at those two ebook or webinar topics I mentioned above and rework them a little.

“Negative Gearing Simplified” turns into …

“Warning: 8 Negative Gearing Traps You Need to Know About in 2014 Before You Invest in Property”

And the “How to Grow Your Business” ebook might change to …

“8 Simple Steps to Turnaround Your [Restaurant] Profits in 90 Days or Less?

See the difference?

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