Here’s a revealing 2 minute exercise …

The answers you give to both of the questions could determine how well your business will be going in 3 months time.

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DOWNLOAD IT FREE – click here

So – the first question … if you had to double your income in the next 90 days what would you do?

  1. Double your leads
  2. Double your sales conversions
  3. Double your prices
  4. Get each of your clients to buy from you again
  5. Or a combination of all of the above.

Okay. Got your answer?

Which is the right one?

Unless you’re a start-up, you probably know that you could achieve this outcome by following any of the above. Chances are though, the simplest method is no. 5. And you probably know that.

The challenge is, knowing precisely what activities to do at a tactical level that will achieve the outcome.

Where to get new leads from?

How to position a price increase?

How to increase your sales conversions … and so on.

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But here’s where the wheels fall off for some people …

 Time for the second question.

Knowing WHAT to do is one thing but there’s something else that factors into the equation that has a massive bearing on how rapidly you see improvement in your results.

It comes back to the self-talk you had going on in your head when I asked you that question about how you could double your income?

What were you saying to yourself?

If you had some fear or doubt creeping in about whether it is possible for you, that’s okay  – it happens to many people.

Maybe you said something to yourself like …

“I can’t do that because …

  • “That kind of growth isn’t possible”
  • “New leads cost too much – I spend way too much and advertising doesn’t work.”
  • “My customers are price sensitive. If I up my prices they’ll go to the competition.”
  • “It isn’t as simple as that. My business is different because of long sales cycles, seasonal buying etc. etc.”
  • “It’s a recession or the economy is bad. Nobody is buying.”
  • “I’m working crazy hours and don’t have the time to put in the extra work.”
  • “I don’t have the money to invest in marketing or lead generation.”
  • “Our systems wouldn’t cope.”
  • “I don’t know what to do.”

Or maybe some other reason entered your mind. Now think about this …

Regardless of what  it was, is it actually true or is it something you’ve simply been telling yourself based on what has happened in the past or based on what someone else is telling you?

Think about it.

It’s statements like these that prevent incredibly gifted entrepreneurs from scaling up their businesses.

And these statements (although they may appear real) often aren’t or there are ways around them.

You see, if you aren’t earning what you want to earn, there’s a good chance that you’re unknowingly buying into some myths that are keeping you small. 

Whether it is these myths or others. Don’t worry – we all do it.

But when you let go of these beliefs something magical happens.

You see, the truth is – regardless of time constraints, money constraints or economic conditions there is another way …

  1. I’m seeing coaches and consultants charge three times more than their competitors in a price sensitive industry.
  2. I’m seeing clients attract leads online for as little as 70 cents (sure, that’s at the low end of the scale but it does happen).
  3. I’m seeing business owners take home $500k a year or more, while their just-as-talented peers are scratching to earn $100k.
  4. I’m seeing entrepreneurs who were doing 80 hour weeks, cut out all the unproductive fluffing time and find the time to get action happening.
  5. I’m seeing start-up business owners with maxed out credit cards SO hell bent on succeeding that they somehow find the marketing dollars to improve their business and kick some really big butt in the process.

And you can too … regardless of what you perceive is holding you back.

The solution comes down to three things:

  1. The right knowledge.
  2. The right motivation
  3. The right action.

The 8 Things that Income-Doubling Entrepreneurs Do that Others Don’t

For instance, with my clients and peers who kick massive goals I’m finding that they have some things in common …

  1. They have that dark night of the soul. They pick themselves up off the floor and make a decision to do whatever it takes to change.
  2. They stop buying in to the beliefs around customer buying patterns or the economy and start to think differently.
  3. If their lead generation activities haven’t worked in the past, they fight harder, think differently, try new things until it does.
  4. They do what it takes to find the money to invest in their marketing and their success. Even if their credit cards are maxed out. They’ll borrow. They’ll cut expenses on non-essentials.
  5. They do what it takes to find the time even if they’re already putting in 80 hour weeks. They stop fluffing around on Facebook. They get ruthless with how they’re managing their time.
  6. They stop saying YES to everything and everyone.
  7.  They stop chasing shiny objects.
  8.  They get organised. Focused.

And – as uncomfortable as it may be…

DOWNLOAD IT FREE - click here

DOWNLOAD IT FREE – click here

These  entrepreneurs and business owners are hell bent on putting the work to say goodbye to their struggle and create a thriving business doing what they were born to do.

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