fbHere’s a copy of an article I wrote for a recent edition of Spark Magazine.

Armed with the right knowledge and approach, Facebook advertising can be a lucrative source of leads and sales for most businesses.

Many advertisers though, have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, they know it’s potentially lucrative. On the other hand, many find that their results aren’t what they had hoped.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you create a winning Facebook ad.

Know what your objectives are.

 Do you want to attract direct sales online?

If you sell products that are under $100 running ads to a sales page can work. If your products or services are over $100, consumers are more reluctant to buy instantly as they don’t know you.  Instead, send them to a landing page where they can opt in for more information such as a webinar, a video series, an ebook or a white paper.

Do you want people to make a purchasing enquiry immediately?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you’ll want to ensure that your ad is highly targeted (both in the targeting and in the copy) to people who are ready to purchase right now. Your cost per lead may be higher with this objective, but you’ll find that your cost per sale will be lower.

Do you want to start building a large list of people who are likely to purchase from you in the future?

If ‘list building’ is your objective, you can be slightly more generic in your targeting and in your copy which will reduce your cost per optin and increase volume of leads.

Know who you want to attract

The more specific you can be the better. Get very clear on who your customer avatar is.

  • How old are they?
  • How much do they earn?
  • Where do they live?
  • What frustrations do they feel? What are they frightened of? What are they angry about?
  • What are their interests (refer to ‘targeting’)

The Offer

If you’re selling a product under $100 direct online, make a ‘today only’ offer where they get a massive discount or a massive amount of value-added bonuses for acting now. Remember, the offer needs to have a limited time frame, and be of massive perceived value to the consumer.

If you’re offering an ebook or white paper or something else free, make sure it does the following:

  • Offers a specific solution to a burning pain they are struggling with (I stress the word ‘burning’ – the more hurtful the pain is, the more urgent it is for them to find a solution).
  • Is unique. There are so many ebooks floating around that reveal the ‘7 ways to lose 10kgs in under a month’ or “‘10 tips to sell your home for more’ . Instead, your ebook might be …
    • “10 simple tips to add $50,000 to the sale price of your Paddington Terrace home … without spending more than $2000”

Is intelligent: Remember, this opt in offer is a vehicle to showcase you as an expert so be sure that it gives your customer an insight into how knowledgeable you are on the subject matter and the results you achieve for customers.

The Photograph

The photo you feature has a massive bearing on your click through rate. Here are some quick tips:

  • Use a bright colour photo so it stands out
  • Ensure that less than 20% of the photo area comprises of text
  • Something that is unusual or outrageous stands out.
  • Feature an image that relates to your audience eg. If you’re targeting doctors you may find that a photo of a doctor in the ad will pull better than other photos.

The Headline

Your photograph will attract their attention. Your headline will make your reader decide whether or not they want to read on so spend quality time dreaming up a powerful headline.

Three different types of headlines that work on Facebook:

  • Offer focused headline: Run a headline that focuses on the FREE offer and reveals what problem it solves.
  • Struggle focused headline: Struggling with ……?
  • Cheeky or curiosity building headline: Adding humour, cheekiness and teasing the prospect a little, often gets more click throughs.These types of headlines are great for maximising click through to your landing page. The challenge is, that you may find that the conversion rate from click-thru to optin is lower than you’d like it to be.

The Copy

Great Facebook ad copy answers the following questions:

  1. Who are they? Flag them at least once in your copy.
  2. What are they struggling with or what do they hope to achieve?
  3. What is the solution to their struggle eg. Your lead magnet/optin offer
  4. What does it do for them? How will the lead magnet give them an aha moment or fix their problem?
  5. How do they get it? What’s the next step? Always feature a call to action in your ad. It sounds self-explanatory but the simple act of putting the words ‘click here’ will often boost your responses.
  6. Notice the text description at the top. See how it flags the target market. Let’s say you run an ad that targets nurses, for instance. Flagging them in the text description will grab their attention much easier than if you simply put a text description.  

The Ad Format

Facebook allows you to create ads either through the Ad Manager or through their Power Editor tool. The Power Editor tool allows you to feature longer headlines and more text which is obviously a good thing.

There’s also the opportunity to either create ads that look like posts or turn one of your existing posts into an ad.


The Facebook Ad Manager offers an enormous amount of targeting options. The more accurately you target your audience, the more sales that will equate to obviously.

This article is too short to list all the targeting measures here however a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself:

  • What terms are they likely to be interested in that relate to your product or service or the problem that they are having?
  • What other products/services that aren’t in competition with what you’re offering, are they likely to need?

For instance, if you are a builder and you are targeting people who are renovating their homes, they will also be looking at design ideas, garden ideas, hardware, building materials and home decorating ideas and possibly mortgage providers to help them with finance.

  • What television shows do they watch that relate to your product or service?

If they’re renovating, they might watch “The Block”, for instance.

  • What magazines do they read?
  • Which of your major competitors do they follow?

Once you have that list, add these people to the interests section in the Ad Manager.

Still not working?

It could be because of one of these factors.

Is the problem your Facebook ad or your Lead Funnel?

Advertisers sometimes have a really powerful Facebook ad that gets a ton of click throughs but if the rest of their lead funnel isn’t performing, they’re wasting their advertising dollars.

Here are three of the biggest mistakes that people make with landing pages:

  1. Mismatch between copy in the ad and the headline

Make sure that the headline is an extension of the key point that is mentioned in the ad and uses similar copy. If it isn’t, consumers will click away without opting in.

  1. Boring bullet points that don’t have punch

What’s more enticing?

  • “How to improve your Facebook advertising results”

or …

  • “The big secret about what’s working right now for attracting high quality leads using Facebook ads.It’s not what you think. And it’s different to what was working last month.”

See how the second one is way more specific and way more intriguing. It arouses curiosity and promises the reader something that they’ll learn something they don’t already know.

  1. Not enough social proof

Make sure you also include some details about your company, a logo and ideally some testimonials.

Remember, there is a lot of advertising noise online and consumers are more wary than ever, so sending people to a landing page that doesn’t have details of who you are or what your expertise is, will detrimentally impact results.

And what about your email sequence?

Most people purchase after the 8th contact with a company so the more time you spend providing them with valuable information via email, the greater your chances are that they’ll purchase from you.

With that in mind, send out a series of trust building emails. This will help your customers get to know you, like you and trust you.

On a final note, Facebook advertising is one of those advertising mediums that if you commit to it fully, and learn how to master it, monitor and measure your results, it can pay massive dividends. Like anything in life, your results will be directly proportionate to the energy you invest into it.


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