By Robert & Mihaela Vicol [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image by Robert & Mihaela Vicol [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Here are three quick steps to make that vanilla copy irresistible … fast.

Step 1: The Flip

This one thing will instantly take your reader from falling asleep when they read your words, to being glued to their seat.

It’s something SO simple yet it’s something that SO many companies leave out in their copy. Why? Because, like most marketing professionals and small business owners are up to their eyeballs in work. The last thing they have time to do is write copy that sizzles.

It’s the YOU factor.

In my copywriting classes I teach that the word ‘you’ should appear (or be implied) in your copy at least twice as much as the word ‘we’ and ‘us’.

Here’s some dead boring copy. In the next three steps we’re going to transform it into ‘words that sell’.

At WidgetWodget Consulting we take pride in offering consulting services that take companies to the next level in growth. We do that by working closely with our clients in a true partnership capacity to achieve exponential results.

You’ve seen this type of copy before, I’m sure. It’s filled with cliches and very ‘we’ focused.

Sorry to say this but as amazing as your company is, your reader really couldn’t give ‘two hoots’ about you. They’re narcissists.

That’s why the old saying, “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me) still applies – even more so in today’ ‘Gold Fish Attention Span Age’.

So – let’s just flip the we’s into you’s, shall we?

Take a look …

Your company will be taken to the next level in growth thanks to WidgetWodget’s Consulting services. You will be worked closely with, understood and worked with in a true partnership capacity to ensure you achieve exponential results.

Better, YES, but still very clunky. Still very ho-hum.

So let’s do some more work on it.

Step 2: The Triple Yes Waltz.

There’s an old adage in sales – ‘The Silent Yes’ or the ‘trial close’. Get your potential clients agreeing with you three times and chances are they’ll continue reading to the end.

There’s also something in the power of ‘three’. It creates rhythm and it has a hypnotic effect on the reader.

So – version #2 …

You want to take your business to the next level in growth. You want to be understood. You want a company who delivers results. You get that and more with WidgetWodget Consulting. You get a true partnership approach that ensures you achieve exponential results.

Okay, so it’s better. It has more pace. It has more WIIFM punch. But it still doesn’t POP off the page.

Now for bringing on the sexy …

Step 3: Bring on the SEXY

Grab attention. Outrageous, unusual words do that. Get colloquial. Get conversational. See which ‘cliché’d’ words you can swap with words that have more personality.

You’re hell bent – yes, hell bent on getting BALLISTIC GROWTH – yesterday.

You want a consultant who understands you.

You want a team of consultants who are SO passionate about your business, they almost rip off their right arm for you to bring that profit growth through your door.

That’s what you get when you work with WidgetWodget Consulting. You’re not our client. You’re our partner. And that’s why you, like each and every one of our clients, get exponential growth… GUARANTEED

Sexier, isn’t it? Sure, I’ve gone a little over the top with the metaphors and colloquialisms. I’ve done that to showcase the difference between boring and sexy.

What next?

Try it. Grab a piece of ho-hum copy and sexy it up using these steps. For more inspiration, download my FREE 63 point Sales Page Copywriting Checklist. Or – if you’re under the pump and you need to be absolutely sure you have words that sell, let me write it for you.

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Enjoy x