We’ve all been there.

You write an inappropriate email in the heat of the  moment – maybe to an employer, a partner, or a client. Or maybe you’ve accidentally CC’d the whole office in on what was supposed to be a private email. Or maybe you’ve had one too many to drink.

You hit send. Then – the moment you do that reality sets in.

You realise you’ve made a BIG MISTAKE.

You start sweating and cringing waiting for the fall-out.

You want to crawl under your desk and hide.

You wish there was a way to magically unsend that email.

Great news! If you’re using Gmail, you can – for up to 30 seconds afterwards.

Here’s how …

Just go to the ‘setting’ section in your GMAIL account. In there, there’s a setting that says ‘Undo Send’. Just tick the box and nominate the number of seconds. 

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #005 - 'Settings - kristinalmills@gmail_com - Gmail' - mail_google_com_mail_u_0_#settings_general


Then – every time you send an email the following notification appears and gives you the option to ‘unsend’.


FireShot Pro Screen Capture #006 - 'Inbox (123,504) - kristinalmills@gmail_com - Gmail' - mail_google_com_mail_u_0_#inbox


Simple. I hope that has ‘made your day’ in the same way it did when I discovered this function.


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