Most websites do a poor job in attracting enquiries and turning enquiries into sales. Here are some quick tips to help you attract more leads and sales.

1. Above the fold

This is the top 1/3 of the page that can be seen when someone views the site. In this area, feature a headline that showcases a strong benefit of doing business with you. You might want to include rotating slider banners that showcase different services you offer or showcase your free white paper or something else.

2. Social proof

How can you prove to clients that you have the expertise to get them results? Social proof elements include testimonials, case studies, logos of media you have featured in, a guarantee if you have one, awards you have won, media you have featured in and anything that shows proof that you know your stuff.

3. Copy that sells

Inject enthusiasm and personality into your copy and of course ensure all your copy sells the benefits of doing business with you. Never underestimate the power of words.

4. Showcase your Unique Selling Proposition/Unique Value Proposition

Summarise it in one sentence and feature it in different ways throughout your website. Feature a ’10 Reasons to work with us’ page which showcases the 10 ways you stand out.

5. Make your services pages sell

Each ‘services’ page on your website describes your services, the benefits of your services, gives an example of a case study and a testimonial and has a low-risk, call to action at the bottom of each page – perhaps a free report or a complimentary 10 point XYZ health check.

6. Opt-in offers

Free reports, ebooks, webinars, newsletter subscriptions … these are designed to encourage people to leave their email addresses so you can add them to your sales funnel and start building a relationship with them.

7. Team bios

Add oomph and personality to them. Show the human side of your people. Remember, people like dealing with people.

8. Your blog

Featuring regular blog content that not only informs but also entertains will create a following, educate your clients about the other services you offer, showcase you as experts and lead to more repeat business.

  • Using syndicated content from one of the providers in your profession is a start however if every one of your competitors is featuring the same kind of blog content it creates that ‘sea of sameness’ effect.
  • Feature blog content that showcases real life examples of how you’ve helped clients.
  • Feature stories that humanise you and your firm. Add personality to your writing.
For more tips on how to write copy that sells for your website, click here to download my 63 point Copywriting Checklist.

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