The No. 1 Reason Why Consultants and Coaches Continue to Attract Price Sensitive Clients and What to Do About It |

1966684_687026304687226_248644507_n (1)This post might make a few people squirm but it needs to be said.

Why? Because it’s the number ONE thing that is stopping incredibly gifted consultants and coaches from charging and getting the kind of project and consulting fees that are worthy of their skill and talent.

As a consultant or coach you know one of the keys to being successful in your business is to increase your fees so they’re in line with the value that you deliver for your clients.

Here’s the problem. You know that. And perhaps at a tactical level you are doing that. You've repositioned yourself. You've upped your fees. You’re perhaps also marketing yourself to a new target audience who are less price-focused. Maybe you've also improved your selling skills.

But for some reason that isn't working for you the way it should.

You still keep attracting a lot of price sensitive clients who try to drive you down in price,

You start to question yourself.

It’s like you have a sign on your head saying,

“I perform miracles and sell my soul to you for peanuts.”

You start to rationalise and say ..

“It’s the economic climate” or ...

“It’s because the market is flooded with consultants and coaches.” or ...

“People can get so much information free online now they don’t need me.”

Is there truth in that?

Yes and No.

If you think there is, there is.

If you don’t think there is, there isn’t.

In other words, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Second and most important point …

Back to the statement about having a sign on the head saying “I perform miracles for peanuts.”

There is some truth in that.

Although you may have the greatest marketing strategies out there under the sun, none of these strategic or tactical options will work consistently if you have this one thing out of whack.

You can’t strategise or think your way out of it.

Sure, you may have some fleeting success, but if you don’t have this one thing in place, you will experience a roller coaster ride to success..

So here it is ...

The no. 1 reason why you’re attracting swarms of clients who want something for nothing and are hugely price sensitive is because your energy is in fact saying, “I will perform miracles for you for peanuts.”

At some deep, deep level within yourself you simply don’t believe that you’re worthy of charging more and getting it.

Maybe you are a people pleaser who bends so far backwards for clients you’re doing back flips and working for virtually free.

From a Universal Laws perspective, like attracts like. If you’re vibrationally resonating at a level where you believe you’re not worthy, you’ll attract clients who are focused on the money and not focused on the transformation you’re going to deliver for them.

So – no matter what people do from a pragmatic marketing perspective, until entrepreneurs really do the inner work and get really clear on the beliefs they're running around money, they won’t experience lasting change.

The truth is, 99.9% of the population have some sort of self-worth issue. Some of these issues stop them from attracting money. Other issues cause them to sabotage their lives in other ways.

Remember, we’re all spiritual beings living a human life.

And as much as we’d like to be operating from a soul-space all the time, our humanness often takes over – especially when we’re having cashflow issues in our businesses.

So – what do you do?

Do you just start thinking more positively?

Nope. That’s operating in denial. You just can’t put a bandaid over this one.

The first step in changing the status quo is to take a good hard look at what beliefs you are running around money and around over-helping others at the expense of yourself.

The next step is to do some inner work to neutralise the energy around those beliefs so you’re not energetically attracting price sensitive clients.

Everything is energy. When you neutralise the charge around those beliefs you stop energetically attracting the tyre kicker, discount-focused clients.

Do that and I promise you things will change at a massive rate.You’ll also start attracting a wave of new clients who are vibrationally resonating with your new message.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on vibrational energy and price-sensitivity.


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