Right now, most people on LinkedIn get anywhere between 50 and at the most 300 views on their LinkedIn articles. 10% or so of those people will like your article and you’ll get a few people commenting on it.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get more of the right type of people reading and responding to your articles, you’re going to love this article.

I’m going to share with you some of the secrets I’ve discovered that have gotten me 1,000 plus views and more importantly, up to 70 optins from one single article.

First let me say that 1000 views isn’t huge when you compare it with the LinkedIn Influencer ‘gods’ are doing but it is pretty big if you’re a mere mortal with only 3000 or so connections. And it is significant too if dozens of people are opting in to your list every time you publish an article.

And check out the view count on the article on the right …

But it isn’t the size of the view count that matters …

It’s the number of people who opt in to an offer as a result of your article.  And – then the number of people who then go on to invest in your services.

I’ve found that the right article targeted in the right way, with the right type of optin is a fantastic way to attract highly qualified potential clients – for free. the only cost is time to write the article and in many cases, that article can be repurposed from some of your other work.

In the top example I had one article that generated 1500 views but only 38 optins. The article next to it, generated 500+ views but 70-something optins.

I started my LinkedIn article experimentation when I was spending an absolute fortune on Facebook advertising. Sure, Facebook was working really well but I’ve always preferred LinkedIn as a vehicle for building relationships, meeting new people and attracting clienTS.

So I thought to myself …

What if there was a way I could used LinkedIn articles via the LinkedIn publishing platform to attract my ideal clients who are consultants, trainers, coaches and copywriters who want to leverage their businesses and scale up.

So – I went to work and experimented. Here are some of the things that I found …

1. The Headline

First – the headline needs to arouse curiosity like a headline anywhere else would.

Now, the headline that works on LinkedIn isn’t necessarily the same type of headline that works on your blog or in Facebook posts.

As with anything, it’s important to think of your audience but also think of the medium where your audience is seeing your headline. In the case of LinkedIn, in their newsfeed or in their notifications.

Look at the headline ‘in-situ’ as it would appear in the feed and as it would appear in the notifications area (that ‘flag’ symbol at the top of your screen).

  • Is it too long?
  • Too short?
  • Do the words absolutely jump off the page? eg. unusual or shocking.
  • Are the hottest, most curiosity-building words at the beginning of the article?
  • Does it deliver one simple piece of advice that solves a big problem that your potential clients are facing?

Or – does it give them advice to help them emulate someone they aspire to be?

And – does the writing voice command authority. There’s a subtle trick to doing this.

Okay. Now you’ve got that covered.

Here are some other points I’ve found.

2. The Number of Likes the Article Gets

The more likes, the more newsfeeds the article appears in and I suspect the greater the chance that LinkedIn will feature it in one of their Pulse categories (which increases your readership even further). Here’s one way to do that..

3. Engage your Audience

Ask them a question in the article. Ask for their opinion or feedback. That will dramatically increase your like count as well as your comments.

4. Your Profile Headline/Tagline

Your profile headline is seen at the bottom of your article. Use it as an additional selling tool. Check out mine as an example (see above).

5. Focus on the Optin Not the View Count

As I mentioned earlier, views are immaterial if those people aren’t liking your article or even better, opting in to your list.

Always feature a sexy opt-in offer at the end of the article – one that relates to the content of the article PLUS always ensure that there is an image of the optin.

6.  Make the Most of the Interaction

Of course, every person who likes or comments on your article is an opportunity for you to reach out to that person and start a conversation. That conversation could lead to a sale, sure but at the very least it’s an opportunity to make connection with another human being. Always make sure you have a process in place to communicate with everyone who enters your space.

I’ve had some amazing experiences doing that – dozens of JVs and referrals, countless new clients, some beautiful heartfelt conversations, plus I’ve given helpful advice to countless people too.

Remember, the more you give, the more it comes back.

Want to know more? The secrets in this article are a starting point for increasing your view count and part of an overall system to use LinkedIn as an incredibly powerful and potent client attraction tool. If you’d like to know more about how to attract more clients via LinkedIn, just touch base with me atwww.kristinamills.com or call me on 0422 139 339.

Who is Kristina?

4403_Mills_145_FEMMAT_CORPBy trade, Kristina (me) is a ‘veteran’ direct response copywriter, internet publisher, online marketing consultant/mentor and trainer who has helped clients experience six and seven figure sales improvements. She is the founder of Words that Sell, the International Writers and Consultants Academy, the author of about a dozen copywriting publications.

But what she REALLY does for clients is so much more significant than that.

She is an alchemist (figuratively and literally). She works with a select number of private entrepreneur clients to transform their marketing (yes) but also their mind & spirit to help them identify their flow, monetise their vision, and build thriving businesses doing what they were born to do.

TRANSLATION: Earning more money and feeling more alive than they ever have.

She (I) would love to do the same for you.  Reach out to me and let’s see what’s possible.

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