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Brilliant presenter

“Kristina is a brilliant presenter and has an extraordinary ability to write copy. Couple that with a caring, can do attitude and you’ve got an awesome Kristina.”

Rik Schnabel

Founder, Wealth Club International

Superb presentation

“Congratulations on your superb presentation at our Networking Business Luncheon held in Brisbane. The event was a great success and enjoyed immensely by all those in attendance. I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm displayed in your presentation, your willingness to impart your knowledge and business expertise with the audience was indeed generous. I wish you much success and look forward to your continued participation in our future activities and events.”

Lynette Palmen AM

Founder and Managing Director - Womens Network Australia

Keynote Speaking Topics

Story Telling Blueprint: How to Structure Your Message for True, Heart-Opening Connection with Your Audience

Let’s face it. All humans crave connection. The most successful people of all time deeply and intimately connect with their audience. Master the story telling formula and you will too.

Whether you’re writing or speaking, this session teaches you how to craft and tell a story in a way that melts barriers, opens people’s hearts and creates a visceral response.

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step formula, you’ll get to brainstorm ideas with your peers. Then – you’ll walk away with a number of specific stories that you can flesh out and adapt for different uses. Use these stories in your presentations, in funding proposals, your website, on social media, or in your content.

thought leader content themseLearn:

  • Who needs to be the hero of the story (and why this choice matters)
  • The key storytelling themes that ignite passion in your audience
  • Where to find story themes, metaphors and messages
  • The 5 story types to add to your toolkit and how to craft them.
  • The secrets to amping up the emotion and energy in your story to deliver a visceral shift
  • How to adapt your story to different audiences and media


The Secrets of Superconscious Innovation

It’s no secret that the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet are highly intuitive and harness the power of their intuition to escalate their success.


  • How to awaken the intuition centres in your brain
  • How to tell between true intuition and mind chatter
  • The step by step process for tuning in and reading the signs
  • Specific exercises to apply your intuition to recruitment process, selling and brainstorming


LinkedIn Client Attraction Mastery

What many people don’t realise is that LinkedIn is by far THE MOST POWERFUL social media platform for consistently attracting new, high-paying B2B clients each week. It’s also amazing for getting introductions to and establishing pinch-me collaboration and media opportunities … in an affordable and semi-leveraged way.

The key is in knowing how to master it.

  • Discover the step by step prospecting process for using LinkedIn to attract new clients regularly … without appearing spammy
  • See how to identify A class clients, king hitters and power players: learn how to easily target the ‘ideal’ contacts in each segment and build connections.
  • Shortening sales cycles: There are certain activities you can perform on LinkedIn that will help get your current prospects to say YES more often and faster using LinkedIn. I’ll show you what they are.
  • Learn how to communicate in LinkedIn groups to move people from group member to client.

LinkedIn Profiles that Sell

Get the LinkedIn profiles of your team humming and you’ll generate more organic visits, more connections and more leads.  It’s as simple as that.


  • The elements of a compelling profile summary
  • The 4 different profile summary types and how to write them in a way that sizzles.
  • The profile headline formula – why this is THE most important element of your LInkedIn profile and how to write one that gets you noticed.
  • Searchability: the 5 things to include in your profile that help more people find your company in the LinkedIn search engine
  • Plus you’ll walk away with templates you can easily adapt.

Other Keynote Topics Include:

  • NeuroMarketing & Buyer Psychology: The Secrets of Reading Your Buyer’s Mind
  • Transcendental Copywriting:
  • Facebook Marketing Content
  • Lead Funnels that Sell
  • Email Marketing that Sells
  • Thought Leadership Marketing Mastery
  • The Secrets of Superconscious Innovation