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If you’re like most people you know deep inside that there are mysterious things in this life that you simply can’t explain.

You know too that there’s so much more to the Universe and to life than what you can see, touch and feel around you.

The Invisible Genius series of books opens your eyes to some of these mysteries.

In this edition you’ll discover many of the invisible forces that influence the Universe. You’ll get an insight into how some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, politicians and change-makers harness these forces for their benefit and for the benefit of humanity.

One of these Invisible Genius forces is intuition.

Leaders like Richard Branson, Gandhi, Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump, to name but a few, have famously talked about the power of their intuition in decision-making.

When you accurately tap into the power of your intuition, completely trust it and follow it, your whole life will transform. This book shows you how to do that.

You’ll also get an insight into some of the other methods of Invisible Genius and the surprising beliefs held by many leaders that have catapulted them to success.