Want superconscious levels of focus?  The key is to be able to tap into a gamma brain wave frequency, at will.
This scene is the best explanation I’ve seen of what a ‘gamma’ brain wave state feels like.
It does indeed feel like the point between rage and serenity as the movie suggests.

What is GAMMA?

Here’s an excerpt from my book, “Superconscious Leadership Secrets”
Gamma (38 – 70 hz)
The gamma state is the king of brain waves. We all emit them it’s just that some people enter this state much more frequently and consciously than others.
Geniuses, elite sportspeople, advanced meditators, and people who consistently achieve brilliance in any field can access and maintain a gamma state of awareness consistently.
A gamma brainwave state gives you the ability to access extremely high levels of consciousness and a very high level of focus. It even helps increase IQ levels.
When you are in a gamma state your brain can process huge amounts of information from various sources simultaneously.
Not only that, your ability to remember information increases exponentially too. And so does your ability to process different sensory experiences (taste, smell, hearing, sight, touch) … all at the same time.
Your body’s self-healing mechanisms go into overdrive and so do your happiness levels and compassion. Not only that, you also have an abundance of energy.
In 2007, a study called “Meditation and the Neuroscience of Consciousness” was published in the Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness. It measured the brain wave frequencies of Tibetan Buddhist monks who had been meditating for between fifteen and forty years and had racked up between 10,000 to 50,000 hours in meditation time.
Looking at the monks, researchers felt that it appeared that their brain wave activity was slowing down as they looked like they were about to fall asleep. The opposite, in fact, was happening. Their brain activity had sped up massively to a gamma frequency.
What does a gamma state feel like?
When I go into a gamma state I feel it as an intensity and one-pointedness where I have an acute level of focus and certainty.
My eyes widen and increase focus and I feel a slight weight on my bottom eyelids. It isn’t a sleepiness but simply a weight where I can really feel my eyelids touching my skin.
I feel like I’ve had a huge hit of caffeine yet without the edginess. The state has a very masculine feel to it. I also feel a slight intensity in my throat chakra.
It’s an unusual feeling of detachment from the external world, but also at the same time like the volume has been turned up on my senses.
I haven’t included a gamma wave exercise here because it’s a complex state to achieve using written instructions. I do teach it through our programs though so if you’d like to find out more just touch base with us.
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