I just read something on intuition that made my blood boil.

There’s SO MUCH misinformation out there about what intuition is and it’s misleading people into thinking that they’re acting on their gut when they may not be.

First – if something feels bad, many people think it’s their intuition saying that something is a bad idea. Maybe. Maybe not. It might just be your fear of something new kicking in.

Second – if something feels exciting, many people think that’s there intuition saying YES. Again, it may be. It may not. It might just be your ego’s ‘shiny object’ addiction taking over.

In Volume One of my book, “Invisible Genius: The Intuition Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and How to Profit from Them”, I talk about what intuition is and isn’t. Here’s a summary.

Intuition is one of those things that is often difficult for many people to explain. When I ask people how they experience their intuition, most say to me, “I just know.”

Here are some different ways people experience it:

  • A gut feeling or an instinct
  • A sixth sense
  • An inner knowing
  • A quiet inner voice
  • An idea that pops into their head

Your intuition a feeling of knowingness that you receive after noticing some sort of sign.

That sign may be broadcast to you via a variety of different senses – through something you hear, feel, see, touch or through your sixth senses, but at the end of the day intuition is the feeling of knowingness you get when you receive that sign. In other words, you just know that something is true.

For instance, let’s say you are in a quandary not knowing which direction to take to increase sales in a current highly competitive market.

You keep asking yourself the question, ‘What’s the best way to increase sales?’

An hour later, you’re on the internet and you suddenly stumble across a blog that talks about a business that is in the similar industry, facing a similar challenge, and it talked about what they did to increase their sales.

As you read that blog you get an ‘aha’ kind of feeling and a peaceful kind of smile erupts at the back of your eyes. ‘That’s it,’ you say to yourself.

Or – maybe this has happened to you. You’re lying down relaxing after work one day on your balcony admiring the view. You notice how beautiful and peaceful the scenery is. In fact, you’re kind of mesmerized by the serenity.

You start pondering life and while in that peaceful state, you ask yourself, ‘I wonder what’s the best way is to increase sales?’

You decide to close your eyes and as you do that an inner voice comes to you and says, ‘joint venture’ and in your mind’s eye you see a vision of two squares morphing into one.

Let’s say you also see a vision of a ‘calculator’ and you realize that the company to do the joint venture with is an accounting firm that you sometimes refer work to.

As you experience that insight, you get that inner ‘aha’ feeling that this is the answer you have been looking for.

The AHA moment or the knowingness is the key in each of these examples.

In the first example (the blog), when surfing the net you probably read all sorts of blog posts on all sorts of topics, that give you all sorts of ideas to grow your sales. So which one do you choose?

It’s the one that you see when you’re in a peaceful, calm state and when you see it, you just know. You’re not over-the-top excited about the realization, you just have a peaceful feeling of certainty about it.

The same goes for your sixth sense.

For some people, their sixth sensory insights fire up all the time. For instance, when I receive channeled messages, these messages come from many different sources. Some of them are useful and some of them most definitely aren’t.

The way I can tell the difference is the vibration that is attached to that message. What I mean by that is that each message I receive has a feeling attached to it. The higher the feeling of bliss that is accompanied by the message, the more ‘profound’ the source is.

For instance, some people hear a voice from a deceased relative telling them to take that job or ditch that guy or something else.

That isn’t intuition. It’s simply your deceased relative trying to help you … in the same way a living relative would. It’s no different.

Just because they spoke with you doesn’t mean their advice is correct. And just because they have passed over doesn’t make them any wiser than they were when they were alive.

It is, however, an intuition if you’re in a present and calm state when you hear the message and what that deceased relative says to you gives you that AHA feeling and a sense of knowingness that the message is your truth.

Get the picture?

So again, intuition isn’t the sign itself, it’s the decision you make as a result of receiving that sign.

So what does that AHA feeling actually feel like? Here are some characteristics:

1. Positive

If you hear a voice telling you that you’re stupid, lazy, disorganized, you can’t do that, or the sky is going to fall in, that’s always your ego talking.

Your intuition will never criticize you. Instead, it will guide you in another direction instead of telling you the direction that you’re currently in is one stupid.

Having said that, even a positive voice inside your head, isn’t necessarily your higher guidance. It’s the knowingness that is accompanied with that inner voice that is intuition.

2. Peaceful

There’s a wonderful sense of peace with intuition even when the truth is something that you don’t want to hear.

Ego has urgency. If your thoughts are flipping around your head at a million miles and hour that’s your ego in control. On the other hand, when you are completely present and in a high state of awareness, your intuition flows in patiently.

3. Subtle

Egoic messages will either speak to you in negatives and appear disrespectful. Either that or it will be completely the opposite where the adrenaline and testosterone kicks in and you get an excited rush about a new idea. This is often your personality’s addictions to anything new.

Intuition is soft. Its’ loving and there’s a feeling of light about it.

4. Consistent and Persistent

As I mentioned earlier, your ego will jump around from one place to another and often create confusion. But – your intuition will give you the same message over and over again until you listen.

You’ve probably heard the saying that your intuition will start tapping you on the shoulder. If you don’t listen, it will tap harder. If you still don’t listen, it will hit you over the head with a four-by-two.

5. A Sense of Knowing

It’s the kind of feeling you have when you think about the certainty of the sun rising in the east. You just know. You can’t rationalize it or perhaps explain it. But you just know.

6. A Feeling of Being Complete

There’s nothing missing.  There’s complete focus with intuition. Ego has your mind flipping all over the place and often leaves you still leaves you unsure.

7. An Energetic Weight

You can just feel it that it’s right – that it’s the truth. And egoic perception comes in as an idea but it’s kind of hollow and fleeting.

Question: How does your intuition speak to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share it in the comments section.

Spend quality time getting to know how your intuition speaks to you. When you do that, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your decision making AND your life. xox

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