Bringing out your Inner Wild Woman: The Key To Harnessing your Innate Power in Business (for men and women)

This is kinda hush hush in business circles because of its esoteric nature but it’s a critical step in fully, unleashing your innate power as an entrepreneur.

And it’s one of the reasons why the Wonder Woman movie has a cult following of women secretly yearning to be her and men wanting her.

I know I was one of them. Eagerly awaiting the release. I even donned my best ‘warrior woman’ outfit for the opening night.

Wishing we had her strength. Wishing we had her power. Wishing we had her courage.

Yet what many people don’t realise is that the key to having that strength, magnetism, and power is actually something that we as a species have rejected since the dawn of time.

In fact, most women and men actually repress it.

Most women and men deny it exists.

We see it as evil.

We see it as being slutty.

We see it as being the bitch.

We see it as being the antithesis of the ‘good girl’ that we were taught to be growing up.

But it isn’t.


It’s your Wonder Woman within.

It’s your Xena Warrior Princess.

It’s your Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She is THE key to your power.

She is THE key to your sexuality.

She is THE key to your creative genius.

… your authenticity.

… your courage

… your confidence.

And the key to you being wildly magnetic in your business.

… when you own her.

… when you integrate her into who you are

But most women AND men reject this part of themselves.

Are you rejecting her too?


1. You’re confused around what your calling is.

2. You know what your calling is but you keep rejecting it and making excuses because you’re secretly afraid that you’ll be annihilated if you step into it.

3. You oscillate between being fully out there and owning your shit, to retreating back into your cave in fear.

4. You quietly seethe with anger and resentment about a certain issue and you bottle it up then suddenly explode like a SHE devil.

5. You deny that you ever experience anger.

6. You’re afraid to get on the phone and sell for fear of being rejected.

7.. You say YES to extra requests from clients and suffer from scope creep (eg. doing work you don’t get paid for).

8. You know you’re powerful. You know you’re strong. But you’re afraid to step up and be the leader you were meant to be because you’re afraid you’ll be annihilated or crucified if you do.

9. You are way undercharging and are afraid to put up your pricers.

10. You’re afraid to get on Facebook Live because you’re frightened you’ll look silly.

11. You are passionate about certain causes but you’re afraid to actually do something about them because you don’t want to get into an argument.

12. You try to get everything perfect before you launch anything because you don’t want to look second-rate.

13. You won’t leave the house without a full face of make-up or looking like a million dollars.

14. You deny your own natural rhythms because if you aligned yourself with them, that would mean you’re weak.

15. You put your children’s, your client’s and your partner’s needs ahead of your own.

If any of these sound familiar, there’s a good chance you have an underlying fear of rejection, annihilation or punishment.

And that means you’re out of touch with the wild feminine within.

That also means you’re sabotaging your business success.

But that’s okay.

You’re not on your own feeling that way. I’ve been there and so have most entrepreneurs at some point. And many, many still are.


Now – in personal development circles or in business coaching they’ll say that the solution is to:

  • Love yourself
  • Embrace your shadow
  • Clear your limiting beliefs
  • Know your stuff inside and out to boost your confidence
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Start getting momentum and the more momentum you gain, the more courageous you become.

And all of these tactics work – to a point.

But there’s something deeply embedded within our subconscious.

Within our unconscious.

Deeply layered into us epigenetically.

Hardwired into us primally as a species.

In woman AND men.

It’s the Lilith archetype.

  • Lilith who (according to myth) was rejected from the Garden of Eden for refusing to be subservient.
  • Mary Magdelene who was called a harlot yet really a prophet – because the church was terrified of her power.
  • The millennia of gender repression by the Catholic Church because again they were terrified of the feminine.
  • The wise women who were burnt at the stake for embodying their spiritual gifts and sharing their wisdom.
  • The centuries of repression of women in every area of society.

Now – this isn’t actually about feminism or gender inequality itself.

It’s about the repression of your authentic self.

When you do the deep inner work and peel back the layers of cellular memory and past life experiences …

And when you own her.

When you reclaim her.

When you integrate her.

You completely change.

Your business completely changes.

And so does your life.

You become:

  • SO charismatic.
  • SO courageous.
  • SO comfortable in your own skin.
  • SO in touch with nature.
  • SO in touch with how to harness natural forces

And SO absolutely magnetic that people around you are saying to themselves, ‘I want what she’s having.”

THAT’s owning the wild woman within


If you’d like to find out how to reclaim and integrate your inner wild woman, let’s jump on Skype for a chat and see where you’ve been repressing your inner wild woman.

This is part of our Spiritual Empire Alchemy Formula … and the work we do within our Spiritual Empire Academy and Soul-Fired Legacy programs


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