Email Newsletters

You know they work. You know that you should do them more often but life gets busy and other things end up taking priority so those e-newsletters just don’t get sent as often as you like.

If this sounds familiar, let us help.

There are a few keys to writing an e-newsletter that gets results:

1. The length: Not too long. Not too short.

2. The way in which it is written: The more engaging it is, the greater number of people who will read it.

3.The content: Ensure your newsletter articles are short enough for quick reading yet at the same time offer useful content. Also, be sure to add some.

4. The design: HTML or plain text? And if HTML, lots of graphics or simple text? Certain graphics and certain design elements have an effect on click-through. It’s important to get the right mix. To see which works best for you, try split testing two e-newsletter designs and monitor your open rates and click through rates.

5. The mix of sales material vs value-add.

6. The day and time of day you send it out: This has an enormous bearing on open rates so be sure to know which time of day and which days work best for your business.

7. Consider the value of blogs or video blogs as an addition or as an alternative. The use of video as a rapport building tool is increasing in popularity at a significant rate. Even though they take longer to create you may find that it’s well worth the effort when you look at the increase in sales that it brings you.

8. Promote it using viral marketing techniques:

  • FREE e-newsletter directories
  • E-newsletter announcement groups
  • Website marketing techniques
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Various offline marketing methods

If you would like some help producing a winning email newsletter, have one of our experienced e-newsletter writers write it for you. Just call us on +617 5309 6913.