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If you’re ready to uplevel your evolution and uplevel your business, I’m here for you. My mission is to give you the clarity, the strategy, and the support to smash through those barriers, so you have more meaning, more money and more passion in your life.

A little about me:

I’m a leading business strategist who mentors my clients through a unique fusion of sales, marketing, business strategy, and consciousness principles, to monetise your IP, increase your impact and consciously evolve..

In the last 24 years I’ve built a 24 person digital marketing agency, helped clients make six and seven figure sales increases, collectively helped make clients tens of millions of dollars, built a six figure information publishing company, launched a copywriting college, cofounded a property investment consultancy, launched over a dozen different businesses, taught marketing and copywriting to over 30,000 people, had my articles feature in over 1,000 magazines and publications, created over 20 courses and published two books.

I’ve worked with clients in dozens of different industries including accounting, mortgage broking, financial institutions, franchisors, builders, home service businesses, consultants, coaches, healers, retailers, manufacturers, web designers, marketing agencies, recruitment companies, event companies, speakers and many more.

How to Book

Just select a time in my diary below.  I only have limited spaces available for calls. If I’m not available, one of my experienced consultants helps me with my free consultations.  If you can’t find the time you want, please call us direct on +617 5309 6913 and we’ll do what we can to see where we can fit you in..

And of course, your personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

I’m looking forward to digging out that inner power strategy to help you shine your light more powerfully, have more impact and make way more money..

Love to you x

Kristina Mills