Property, especially in this day and age is a very competitive industry. So – staying ahead of the game is critical.

Over the last 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with many industry leaders in the property sector including property investment, real estate brokerage and property management companies.

Here are examples of some of the ways I’ve helped these companies get results:

Property Investment Consultancy (Brisbane)

Services: Marketing Management and Copywriting

  • Pioneered a liftout format for the Australian Financial Review which was an invaluable lead generation and sales conversion tool.
  • Conceived a property investment index and formula which rated properties based on location, property type, rental returns, after tax cashflow, growth opportunities, and various other property selection factors.
  • Ghostwrote a book on property investment.
  • Produced 1200 responses to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Melbourne.
  • Consistently produced 100 – 200 responses to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Brisbane and 500+ responses to a mortgage elimination ad in Sydney.
  • Media release which generated free publicity and produced 930 phone calls.
  • A direct mail campaign which for a $3,000 cost which generated $170,000 in commission potential.
  • Drove their marketing activity and helped take them from zero to $3,400,000 in 18 months.
  • Helped achieve 40 property sales commitments made in one evening from a project marketing launch.
  • Assisted in the development of seminar presentation and hand out material that generated anywhere from 33% – 66% conversion to appointment.

Property Investment Consultancy (Brisbane)

Services: External Marketing Management and copywriting

(Details soon)


Property Investment Consultancy (Sydney)

Service: External Marketing Management

(Details soon)


Property Development Company (Sydney)

Service: Copywriting and Marketing

  •  Produced a range of online lead generation material for the launch of their land options program.

Property Management

Service: Copywriting

  •  Produced a direct mail piece which generated a 75% response rate.


Real Estate Agency (various)

Service: Property copywriting

  • Our team have written 100’s of property ads for print and the internet and many have produced big open house attendance rates.


Leading Real Estate Agency (Sydney)

Service: Production of a listing kit

  • The client is a blue-ribbon agency and wanted a blue-ribbon listing kit which set them apart from the pack. We produced a unique photo album style format which truly set them apart.


Leading Real Estate Agency (Sydney)

Service: Copywriting of listing proposal

  •  Another industry leading agency wanted a highly sophisticated listing proposal which positioned them as industry leaders.


Real Estate Agencies (various)

Services offered: copywriting

  •  We’ve worked with numerous agencies to produce listing kits, prospecting letters, print ads to generate listings, unusual flyers, many of which were unusual formats which produced results that were as much as 9 times more effective than their past efforts.

There are many others. To find out about these other examples, just shoot me an email at kristina @ or text me on +61 422 139 339 and I’ll call you straight back or click the button below.

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