Franchise Marketing

If you are a franchisor and you want to attract more franchisees, talk to us.  When it comes to franchise marketing you’ll find we have an extensive track record producing great results across a number of sectors. For instance:

Business Coaching Franchises For Accounting Firms

  • Produced over 1600 pages of content for online business growth membership program.
  • Developed systems kits and marketing systems for franchisees to implement.
  • Developed structure for, develop IP for and ghost-write a book for franchisees to use as lead generation tools.
  • Developed franchisee acquisition plan.
  • Managed franchise lead generation activities.
  • Developed the structure, conceived the IP and ghost-wrote Marketing X-Factor book.
  • Created a range of targeted direct mail pieces, online copy, print advertising to attract prospective franchisees (accounting firms)

Global Franchised Cost Management Consultancy

Over a three year period identify strategies to attract qualified enquiries from potential licensees, and convert more enquiries to sales. This included:

  • Developing new advertising concepts
  • Testing print advertising headlines
  • Develop stand alone franchise marketing website
  • Test landing pages
  • Test different media
  • Develop magazine advertising
  • Test Google Adwords campaigns
  • Develop franchise enquiry packages
  • Identify additional marketing channels
  • Develop franchisee case studies

In a highly competitive market, the client experienced a significant increase in enquiries as a result of the lead generation activities we employed.

Cleaning Licensor

Developed classified ads and magazine ads to attract licencees. The client generated $119,500 in license sales from one ad and attracted two international license enquiries.

Car Service Franchisor

We worked with this client to help them sell more licenses and help their licensees sell more. Our client wanted to attract more business from car dealerships. They had been finding this extremely difficult in the past, and weren’t having much success. We created a letter and marketing pack which directly lead to a 100% increase in their annual turnover. We also created and tested a variety of classified ads and marketing kits that resulted in a dramatic increase in license sales.