How a Canberra Mortgage Broking Firm Used Facebook Advertising and Out-of-the Box Marketing to Get a Flood of Six Star Candidates

 … in an industry where top performers are almost impossible to find.

When you’ve developed the reputation for being one of Australia’s top mortgage broking firms, you want to be sure that you hire six star people.  The trouble is, in the finance industry, top performers are hard to find.


Canberra-based Trilogy Funding has an exceptional track record of hiring best-of-breed mortgage brokers who are absolute superstars at what they do. Over the years, they have found that there has been a particular type of person who excels in the role regardless of industry experience.

In the past, they had invested substantial amounts in engaging recruitment consultants to find ideal candidates but with no luck. This time they decided to do something different.

Being the innovators they are, they decided to use the viral power of Facebook combined with a standalone landing page and video to find the right person.


After finding out more about the role, the culture and the income opportunities, it was pretty obvious that this was an amazing role for the right person so we decided to showcase that fact by creating a sub-brand called ‘The Best Job in Canberra’.

So instead of relying on Seek ads or LinkedIn ads, we registered a domain name, set up a standalone landing page and created a Facebook page called ‘The Best Job in Canberra.” … and drove traffic to it (see image on the right).

We figured this would attract attention from people who were ambitious, status-focused go-getters who weren’t being appreciated in their current roles. The landing page showcased the position as the role of a lifetime, which it was.

Facebook Ads Laser-Focused on a Specific Target Audience

Trilogy had a clear idea of the type of person they wanted so we drilled deeply into their personality type, their experience, their hobbies, and their interests.

From there, we ran Facebook ads precisely targeted to attract the right people, and send them to the ‘Best Job in Canberra’ landing page. Different ads targeted different segments and genders so we could test and measure.

The copy and the visuals were also specifically created to attract a certain personality type (with vibrant colours and quirky imagery).

Going Viral with a Spotter’s FEE

People love to share job ads. Certain types of people in particular. So – we also ran ads targeted towards the types of people that we knew were likely to share the post. Plus, we gave them an incentive to share the post by offering a $500 spotter’s fee. As a result, the number of shares on the ad was massive.

Shortlisting A Class Candidates

We knew we’d get a number of applications so we wanted to qualify candidates before they sent in a CV, so we decided to do something a little different.

Apart from ensuring the copy described the qualities they were looking for in a candidate, we also asked them to call a number, listen to a voicemail message and leave their own voicemail message asking them to sell themselves on the phone, then send us their CV.

Since the role was a sales role, the quality of the candidate’s communications skills needed to be exceptional so listening to their phone manner was a great way for us to get an initial feel for their talent. It also helped weed out tyre kickers who weren’t that keen on the role.

Using Video to Maximise Desirability

The team created a series of videos that gave people more of an understanding of what Trilogy was about, what the culture was like, what the office looked like … plus, a first hand look at how fun it is being part of the team.

We created a range of videos including…

The Walk-Through Video

Filming a walk-through video achieved three things:

1. It gave people more of a behind-the-scenes look at Trilogy.

2. It gave them an opportunity to meet the team and find out what they liked about working at Trilogy.

3. There’s a psychological effect that occurs when you take people on a journey in a video or face-to-face. It gives people the impression that they have known you for a longer period of time as you are taking them on a physical journey and on that journey they’ve had the opportunity to see you (so to speak) in different settings.

A Bloopers Video that Creates Connection

When people are looking for a new job they want to be sure that the company is great to work for and the people are great to work with. Copy and visuals can only go so far in showcasing that. That’s why we decided to include a video of out-takes and bloopers in our marketing. It gave candidates a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like working with Trilogy.


Trilogy were thrilled with the result. The Facebook campaign had a massive reach throughout the Canberra area. Not only did it attract two ‘perfect’ new recruits (people that had been impossible to find using traditional recruitment methods) it also showcased Trilogy Funding as an ‘Employer of Choice’,  plus attracted new lending clients and referral partners.