Many CEO’s, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs and Change Makers say Kristina is one of the best in Australia. Check out what they have to say here …


“What she does with words is genius”


“Once in a while we cross paths with a special person, someone who is highly talented and a leader in their given field. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kristina Mills, I am able to say, is one of those special people. She is without a doubt, the best copywriter and strategic marketer I’ve encountered anywhere in Australia.


Simply put, Kristina is a marketing magician. What she does with words is genius. Her ability to create marketing and promotional pieces and strategies that actually work makes her my first choice whenever I need to generate more sales enquiry for my business.”

Peter Hutton

Hutton Real Estate

“Produces positive results”


“I’ve known Kristina for around 15 years… She has a rare talent for communicating powerfully, clearly and effectively. Her depth of marketing knowledge is amazing and she produces positive results. In addition to this, I’ve found her to be honest and pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend that you contact her if you wish to massively grow your business.

Steve Szabo

Managing Director, ProtecSYS

Enormously talented and gifted


Kris is a talented and enormously gifted person; the results she gets speak volumes. But gifted people can be difficult. Kris is anything but that-she works enormously hard to get things right and to make her gift really work for her clients. She’s a joy to know and to work with.”

Paul Dunn, Chairman, B1Gi

“Extraordinary gifts”


“During my time working with Kristina it became crystal clear she has some extraordinary gifts. You first realise that Kristina is a top notch copywriter and marketer who can deliver the results for businesses fortunate enough to hire her. Secondly, Kristina has the rare gift of being able to take that knowledge and coach, train and mentor others. Plus, I found she was just a really nice person to deal with, which as you know is important.”

Adam Saunders

Owner, Goals In Mind

“You managed to increase sales by a real 48%”


 Thank you for your work Kris. I am very impressed with the quality and response from Guitar Tips and have recommended you to all my business friends. I wanted to get my message across to people that I truly have a great product…but just could not find the right words to use! After you guys re-wrote my message – You managed to increase my online sales by a real 48% and my existing customers are now recommending it to all their friends because they love it so much! Well done Kris and I will continue to use your services for many of my future ventures if you keep up this high standard.”

Chris Elmore - Guitar Tips

I have known the author, Kristina Mills of Words that Sell, for 8 years now and in that time I’ve witnessed her letters and other marketing material weave magic for real estate and mortgage broking businesses.


If you haven’t yet bought either of the kits make sure you pick yourself up a copy. There’s an absolute ton of value there. The letters are written in an engaging, down to earth, sales-focused way. But more importantly, they work.”
Keith Abraham

People Pursuing a Passion

“Incredible copy”


“I wanted to thank you for the incredible copy you wrote for my homepage, sales letter, and auto responders for my email campaign. You took the blueprint of my mind in my ideas and put it into reality in the ad copy. You’re the best in the business. Thanks a million.”

Ryan Orrell - Web Monster

“… a true sign of a perfectionist”


” Kris was instrumental in the recent overhaul of SEEK’s sales collateral. Her contribution was far greater than the bold headlines and compelling copy she suggested to sell our messages – it has actually helped us in our effort to evolve our sales force to solution based selling. Kris conducted her own research and analysis to support and in many cases, extend, our key value propositions. This was over and above our expectations or brief – a true sign of a perfectionist. The collateral came in on time and within budget and the feedback from our sales force has been wildly positive.


One of our top salespersons sent through the following:


“Just sat down with a cup of coffee to devour the new sales collateral. It looks great and covers off all aspects or challenges that are presented to us!! Congratulations and thanks to you and your team.” We will certainly be tapping Kris’s expertise in the future in both crafting and presenting our sales messages.”

Katie May - Former Marketing Director, Seek Communications

“… top 5″



” Kris is easily one of the top 5 direct response copywriters in this country. I’ve worked with international copywriting legends like Bob Bly and Kris is right up there in that category. Great DR copywriters are as rare as hens’ teeth in Australia. I feel fortunate that I stumbled across Kris.”

Peter Nicholas

Former Co-Founder, Skin Doctors Dermaceuticals & Naturopathica

“Exceptional results”


“Kristina has a superb talent and helped to achieve our organisation exceptional results.”

Jill Price

People Pursuing a Passion

“The results have been fantastic”


” We’re delighted with the work of Words That Sell. When they initially approached us we were already using one of Qld’s highest profile agencies at the time and were a bit apprehensive to use their services at first. We gave Kris a go at creating our press ads and haven’t looked back. The results have been FANTASTIC … better than any other agency we’ve used in the past.”

Paul Lister

(formerly) Bavarian Steak House

Cant recommend Kristina highly enough”

David Oliver


“Great results !”


“Kristina has consistently delivered high quality work that has had great results for the businesses I have been involved in. If I ever have any copywriting work that needs to be done – Kristina is the first person I turn to.”

Paul Wetton

Founder, Pachira Capital

“Brilliant success strategist”


Kristina is one of the most dynamic personalities I have had the pleasure of working with. Her passion, vision and innate wisdom combine with a formidable life and business experience to make her the brilliant success strategist she is.”

William Whitecloud - Author, Magician's Way

“Nothing compares to Kris’ writing ability and strategic marketing thinking”


“Kris Mills is without a doubt the most ‘results producing’ marketing person in Australia. I have used many over the years and nothing compares to Kris’s writing ability and strategic marketing thinking. Her style is punchy, direct and it works. Every time I use Kris’s services she produces results.”

Rob Nixon

CEO, Panalitix (formerly Proactive Accountants Network)

“Extraordinary ability ”


“Kristina is a brilliant presenter and has an extraordinary ability to write copy. Couple that with a caring, can do attitude and you’ve got an awesome Kristina.”

Rik Schnabel

Founder, Wealth Club International

“… invaluable in the development of our marketing systems”


 Kris, thank you for everything! To say I’m happy with what you have done for us would be an understatement. You have been invaluable to the development of the marketing systems within our franchise system. And the marketing strategies you have written for our clients have also worked a treat. Look, over the years I’ve rubbed shoulders with a number of accomplished marketing strategists, through my international business dealings, and from what I have experienced, I consider you to be one of the most talented copywriters and strategists in Australia … and possibly the world. ”

Nic Clark

Co-founder, 10x

“Doubled our turnover”


” In short, our turnover has more than doubled in the last financial year, during a recession and much of that has been due to your great service. Your marketing pack has car dealers instantly ready to deal with us. This used to take two – three months of hard selling.”

Warwick Lindsay

CEO, MagicEzy (formerly DucoMagic)



” Kris is a real Australian success story. She’s an amazing master of writing hard selling copy. The results she gets for her clients are almost legendary.”

Peter Sun

Better Business International

“Wildly imaginative and profitable ideas”


“Wow, what does one say about Kristina that would do her justice? When they made Kristina they broke the mould. I have known Kristina for the last 4 years both professionally and as a friend.


She’s awesome! A 24/7 ideas machine. Gives birth to wildly imaginative and profitable ideas that add a lot of value to a lot of  people. Slightly crazy too but in a good way. She also has a sharp business brain, highly intuitive marketing ability and a writing talent that many others would find hard to match.


Kristina is also passionate about transformation and making a difference in the lives of others around her. She has a heart of gold  … giving so much of her knowledge, her wisdom, her heart to those around her.


She’s inspirational to listen to. And she knows what she is on about.  Anyone who has the opportunity to be on the receiving end of Kristina’s wisdom is very fortunate indeed.”

Martin Jimmink - Master Coach, President XL nation

“Improved our hit-rate from under 10% to between 70–80%”


” Kris has provided creative, copywriting, layout, printing and direct mail distributions services for The Rock for several years … delivering meaningful benefits to our business in the form of cost-effective marketing strategies, lower direct marketing and distribution costs through out-sourcing, and significant improvements in the overall effectiveness of our direct marketing efforts.


Kris re-wrote our brochures and related marketing material and we now have a range of brochures that effectively jump off the counter and shout at people about the benefits of our financial services and products. One of our most recent and successful campaigns orchestrated by Kris is our commercial insurance direct mail campaign which achieved immediate results and improved our hit-rate from under 10% to between 70–80% … the results are testimony to the value she can add to a business such as ours.”

Kerry Daly , former MD, Rock Building Society

“Paid us back 60 times over”


“Kris is by far the most talented direct marketer I’ve ever seen. And I’ve worked with a pile of ‘creative’ types who are driven by ego and not results. Our investment in her words and strategies has paid us back 60 times over – millions of dollars!”

Martin Josselyn

Owner, Blueprint Property Group and Rule Three

“Goes the extra mile”


“I have known Kristina now since the early 1990’s and can vouch for her integrity, skills and knowledge of her marketplace. She has shown herself to be resilient and resourceful, having stayed in business successfully for so many years. Kristina’s clients can’t say enough good things about her and her work. She is an exceptional human being who goes the extra miles for her clients and customers.”

Jennie Gorman

Master networker and Masterminder, Integr8 Networking

“Amazing word-smith”


“Kristina is an awesome word-smith whose mind runs at a million miles per hour. Kristina not only listens to what you think you want but also lets you know what you need to do to improve the business you have, with the use of words and how to use them VERY effectively. Such an ideas gal – amazing to work with.”

Belinda Ross

Colour Transformations

“Sensational results”


Sensational results. We just can’t believe how fantastically your ad has worked for us. Our phone has been ringing HOT with eager, highly qualified prospects who are dying to buy our cleaning licenses. Plus we’re on the verge of selling 2 international master licenses.”

John Chandler

Formerly Above All Ceiling Cleaning

What people say about Kristina’s courses and template kits …


“Just by skimming through it, I can see that the course is jam-packed with stimulating materials from diverse sources. I can’t wait to delve deeper into them.
I also sense that you have invested your own experience and passion in the selection, presentation and ethos of the course. I’m sure that’s where it’s true value will be found.I’m certain that this is a course that will make me see things differently. And for me, that’s what learning is all about. So congratulations to you and your team. I know your course will be a brilliant success.”

Barbara Thomas

Owner, CLARITY edit

” … an asset we can recommend to any business”


“We at Crack Sealing Australia Pty Ltd found that “Proposals that Sell” was a great help in writing tenders, which we have submitted to our potential clients. The layout available to use are extensive and gave us scope to fit our business requirements. As a new small business any help in competing with the big Companies is an asset we can recommend to any Business.”

Victor Dawson

Office Manager, Crack Sealing Australia

“… huge impact on my company sales”


When our company expanded from a home based service to a showroom and a warehouse, the number of letters we had to write to customers increased by numbers and types. I was good at what I do, but definitely was not good at putting my thoughts and intentions and appreciations into words. That is when I decided to purchase this product. And after studying the strategies on writing effective letters and using certain words to make more effect on my letters, it made huge impact on my company sales and plus our customers wowed us on our effective and smart wording on our letters. I used Words that Sell protocol to develop tendering documents for up-coming projects and I received much success.

Steven Rea

Owner, Aegean Carpets

“Earned a fee of nearly $3000!”

Kris, I had to write and tell you about my success. I was approached to write some web pages for a company. I hesitated at first as I still had limited experience but fortunately I had reached the point in your Secrets of Website Copywriting Master course that dealt with general web content writing.
The tips and guidance you give in this section gave me the confidence to take on the job, which resulted in a fee of nearly $3,000. The company was very happy with my work and has since provided me with another assignment worth over $1,000 with much more work to come.
So thanks for sharing your wisdom to help everything come together at just the right time. Can’t wait to finish the course!”

Beverley Neil

Victoria Point, Brisbane

“… Distinct Competitive Edge …”


“Kris Mills has taken the pain out of writing tenders and proposals, so that you have a distinct competitive edge that makes you head and shoulders above everyone else bidding for your customer’s business. Kris you are a genius!!!”

Keith Abraham

People Pursuing a Passion

“Great Reassurance”


Your “Proposals that Sell kit” provided great reassurance to my efforts in preparing a bid targeting a large global pharmaceutical company. Our result was second place, due to physical factors of our company amidst the competition. I would like to thank you for the peace of mind that “Proposals that Sell kit” provided in the leading weeks to the submit date.

Timothy L.

Business Development Manager

“I was very happy with the content of the letters in the kit. To date I have only used a handful of them and I am still waiting to asses the response success. My business is still in its’ infancy and development stage and I am having a meeting with my State Manager this week to work out my marketing strategy. I plan to incorporate your letters into that strategy. The letters are great in the way that they express confidence, which is something that I at times struggle with. “

Pauline Hendry

Owner, Refund Home Loans

“The main area we have found the letters to be useful is in broadening the marketing mindset of our writers. Previously, they had been employed by large financial institutions where they weren’t involved in “attracting” customers as they relied on massive marketing budgets to do the work for them. They now understand that different situations require different approaches or strategies.”



Tiffany B

“If I don’t increase my revenue by 20% next month I’ll be very surprised”


” Just an excellent edition of your newsletter. Excellent. I don’t give praise out too easily either. Especially to other marketing experts…but you’re information is excellent. I’ve received two very specific ideas from this edition that I’m implementing as we speak. If they don’t increase my revenue next month by at least 20% I’ll be very surprised.Listen, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve been a small business marketer and copywriter for years and I learn something new from each of your newsletters.”

David Frey

Marketing Best Practices

“Knows her stuff”


“I bought Kristinas Copywriting Course and found it to be full of great information, resources, and templates. Kristina obviously knows her stuff. I can recommend her work.”

Andy Ireland

The USP Guy