Here is a quick snapshot of some of the results we have produced for clients in a wide variety of industries…

Property investment consultancy

  • 1200 responses to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Melbourne.
  • Consistently 100 – 200 responses to a mortgage elimination seminar ad in Brisbane and 500+ responses to a mortgage elimination ad in Sydney.
  • 5% turn up rate from a direct mail seminar invitation to a cold list.
  • Drove their marketing activity and helped take them from zero to $3,400,000 in 18 months.
  • 40 property sales commitments made in one evening from a project specific seminar. That equates to roughly $3,200,000 in sales for one evening.
  • Assisted in the development of seminar presentation and hand out material that generated anywhere from 33% – 66% conversion to appointment.

Business consulting

  • I wrote marketing collateral that attracted 26% of their client base to an event – 66% more than their best result previously (and these people were already great marketers).



  • Our client was finding that their old ad got lost amongst the new copier ads and people didn’t understand the benefits of owning a remanufactured copier. The ad we created showed the savings and quality benefits a prospect received and as a result, generated a huge increase in calls. In January (their quietest month) they usually have to advertise heavily in other publications. With the help of the Yellow Pages advertisement we created, they didn’t need to advertise and still pulled in exceptional sales figures for that month.

Financial Institution

  • We created an ad in the Sunday Mail promoting a new loan product. Their previous advertising used to generate about 1 telephone call on the Sunday and then responses picked up on the Monday. The ad we created brought over 50 calls on the Sunday alone.

Insurance co.

  • Our client wanted to sell more business insurance to its clients. They sent out a campaign previously with a strong offer and generated 8% on their letter. We revamped the letter and it is consistently pulling 20-22%.

Property Managers

  • We conducted market research with a client’s existing landlords to determine their future needs. To do that, we sent out a feedback form. We used a unique approach to maximise return of the feedback form. 76% of people completed and returned the form.

Mortgage Broker

  • A mortgage broker used one of my lead generation letters and after sending just 150 letters out, he wrote 6 deals from it and earned himself $11,000. Another broker wrote $2.8 Million in Loan Transactions from one budget flyer campaign. We have dozens more mortgage broker success stories like this one.


Marine Dealership

  • One strategy and revamping of a letter generated 600 open day responses for a marine dealer. They hoped for 200.

Car Service Franchise

  • Our client wanted to attract more business from car dealerships. They had been finding this extremely difficult in the past, and weren’t having much success. We created a letter and marketing pack which directly lead to a 100% increase in their annual turnover.


Car detailing franchise

  • Our client found that most callers in the past had been tyre kickers — they’d ring around for the best price. The ad we created brought them a tremendous increase in calls and reduced their price shoppers by 90%. What’s more, these results have allowed them to increase their prices on one of their services by 10% without any reduction in business. This is amazing in a very price competitive industry.

Cleaning franchisor

  • We created an ad selling cleaning franchises. It generated $119,500 in sales the first time it ran and brought two international license enquiries.