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Whether it’s training or coaching people, consulting or copywriting, over the last 20 years, I’ve developed the reputation as being a “Growth Catalyst”. People see me as someone who gets results.

Here are some quick snippets of what clients say  …

    • “Wildly profitable ideas”
    • “Brilliant success strategist”
    • “One of the best in Australia”
    • “Most results focused”
    • “Most talented”
    • “Extraordinary results”
    • “Out of the box thinker”

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 Consulting, Training, Speaking

  Digital Marketing Agency



Marketing Coaching for Coaches & Therapists



  Courses & Training for Copywriters




I’ve shared my knowledge with over 30,000 entrepreneurs worldwide since 1993 through my e-newsletters, books, presentations, and online courses.

As a consultant, internet entrepreneur, coach and copywriter, I’ve had the time of my life working with thousands of companies from solopreneurs to multinationals.

Some of my clients include  Queensland Government,  10X, Naturopathica, Skin Doctors Dermaceuticals, Nixon Advantage, Results Accountants Systems, Entrepreneurs Institute, Roger Hamilton, Icon Business Solutions, Expense Reduction Analysts, The Rock Building Society, Universal Events, MarketFirst Group, Wealth Dynamics, AFA Wealth, Blueprint Property Group, Quest Property and Investment Services, Southern Cross Investment Group, Du Magic …

Plus …

  • Educated over 30,000 people on marketing, internet marketing and copywriting.
  • Helped add many millions of dollars in value to people in all sorts of industries
  • Took one business from start-up to industry leader in 18 months;
  • Doubled the annual turnover of one business with one advertising pack;
  • Generated six figure sales selling my online products;
  • Speaker/Educator who is engaging, inspiring and gives great “real world” value
  • Worked with a huge variety of industries … professional services, financial services, business services, real estate, property investment, home trades services, cosmetics industry, natural health, event marketing, personal development, internet publishing, speakers, removalists, engineering, mining, car sales, shop-fitting, stationery, photography, hairdressing, gift baskets, internet start-ups, employment services, franchising and much more.
  • Have written for numerous magazines and my articles have featured in 1000′s of publications worldwide



  • 1993: Started my communications consultancy, Words that Sell.
  • 1994: Started a mail order division marketing my advertising guide, “How to Create an Explosion with Every Ad and Letter you Write”.
  • 1997: Became a partner at business planning consultancy which offered business planning services to small business owners around Australia and was sold via seminar.
  • 2000: My twin sons were born.
  • 2001: Published the ‘Employee Induction Kit’ and sold it online.
  • 2001: Published ‘The Marketing Manager’s Toolkit’
  • 2001: Published ‘Real Estate Letters that Sell’
  • 2001: Published ‘Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell’
  • 2003: Partnered in a print broking firm.
  • 2004: Partnered in a Real Estate business.
  • 2004: Started ‘College of Copywriting and Marketing’ which later became known as ‘International Writers and Consultants Academy.
  • 2005: Launched Freelance Copywriting Fast Track course
  • 2005: Launched Direct Mail Mastery Course
  • 2005: Launched Website Copywriting Mastery Course
  • 2009: Partnered in a property investment consultancy offering property investment and SMSF education to home owners.
  • 2011: Launched ‘The Great 33 Day FireUp’
  • 2012: Published my book, ‘Invisible Genius: The Intuition Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and How to Profit from Them’.
  • 2013: Published: “Influence Genius: The Influencing Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and how to Profit from Them”
  • 2014 Launched ‘The 60 Day FireUp’
  • 2015: Launched ‘90 Day Sales & Marketing FireUp’
  • 2015: Published ‘Consultant Marketing Secrets’
  • 2016: Launched ‘LinkedIn Client Attraction Mastery’
  • 2016: Ran “Game Changer Marketing Reinvention Experience”
  • 2016: Launched Wildly Wealthy Wayshowers

“Once in a while we cross paths with a special person, someone who is highly talented and a leader in their given field. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kristina Mills, I am able to say, is one of those special people. She is without a doubt, the best copywriter and strategic marketer I’ve encountered anywhere in Australia.


Simply put, Kristina is a marketing magician. What she does with words is genius. Her ability to create marketing and promotional pieces and strategies that actually work makes her my first choice whenever I need to generate more sales enquiry for my business.”

Peter Hutton, Peter Hutton Real Estate


    • Invisible Genius Vol. 1
    • Invisible Genius Vol. 2
    • Tune In and Grow Rich
    • The Accidental Prophet
    • Six Figure Copywriting Fast-Track  Course
    • How to Create a Sales Explosion with Every Ad and Letter You Write


    •  Proposals and Tenders that Sell
    • Direct Mail Copywriting Mastery
    • Website Copywriting Mastery
    • Copywriting Sizzle Stick


    • Website Copywriting Mastery
    • Direct Mail Copywriting Mastery
    • Headlines that Sell
    • Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell
    • Financial Planner Letters that Sell
    • Real Estate Letters that Sell
    • Marketing Manager’s Toolkit
    • Marketing Plan Time Saver Kit
    • Employee Induction Kit


One of the key reasons why I do what I do (as it is with other parents) is  to help empower my teenage twin sons, Zac and Jake, to become confident, creative, loving adults who know that anything is possible and that they really can make a difference in the world.

When the boys were born I decided to scale up the internet publishing arm of my business so I could enjoy a leveraged income and have more time to be mummy, watching them .. [read more]