Where Millions-Making Marketing Meets Ancient Alchemy to Help Leaders Forge their Legacy.

Intuitive Business Coach. Medical Intuitive. Marketing Strategist. Executive Spiritual Mentor. Awakening Facilitator.

Everyone (absolutely everyone) was put on this earth with a one-of-a-kind – breathtaking, and absolutely magical blueprint of gifts that only they can give to the world.

Call me a dreamer but I believe with every fibre of my being that our soul’s have a plan for us – laid out before we were born.

As we grow into adults we then encounter the world. We develop skills and develop passions based on our experiences.

But when we merge our soul’s blueprint with our personality’s traits and experiences that’s when our true callings are born.

That’s when we truly step into our Great Work.

Coming from a ‘street smart’, left-brain business world, I denied what mine were for 20 odd years. Sure, as a marketer and entrepreneur I liked what I did and I was good at it.

The business world saw me as a great copywriter and marketer and business advisor who often made clients millions.

But deep down I knew there was something more for me to do. I realised that my true calling was to learn from and follow in the footsteps of the great Alchemists of the ages harnessing natural forces to transmute philosophical lead into gold by bringing alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone to the business world.

When I started doing that my whole world changed and so did the lives of everyone around me.

What does that mean to you?

Today, I work exclusively with innovators and great minds in the areas of consciousness, environment, natural health, education, community, conscious business, and resources to help them turn proverbial lead into gold.

In other words:

  • Get clear on how to package your ‘why’ into a business model that is in ‘flow’ for you AND  at the same time monetizes your IP in the most pratical and powerful way – based on where you are right now.
  • Communicate your message in a way that achieves soul level resonance with your tribe.
  • Clear the layers of karma, wounds, samskaras and other energetic chinks preventing you from operating fully in your power.
  • Achieve super conscious levels of creativity to materialise their innovations more profoundly and rapidly than ever
  • Embody the consciousness levels required to create your legacy
  • Get clear on your ‘why’ from a deep ‘soul blueprint’ level.
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, create magnetic resonance with their tribe and create a movement;
  • Harness the forces of nature to achieve magical results … harnessing the power of Ancient Alchemy.

When you work with me, you’re working with someone who has got one foot in the grounded world of business advising you on practical business growth principles, marketing, sales and messaging.

And the other foot in the esoteric, transmuting energy, activating dormant energy within you, helping you shed layers and lifetimes of samskaras,activate your light body so the maximum amount of light an consciousness can permeate into your being.

So you can reclaim your birthright – and remember yourself as and become the God force that you are.

And in doing that, experience a quantum leap in the impact they have in the world.

If this resonates with you, let’s arrange a time to chat further and see what’s possible.




I’ve shared my knowledge with over 30,000 entrepreneurs worldwide since 1993 through my e-newsletters, books, presentations, and online courses.

As a consultant, internet entrepreneur, coach and copywriter, I’ve had the time of my life working with thousands of companies from solopreneurs to multinationals.

Some of my clients include  Queensland Government,  10X, Naturopathica, Skin Doctors Dermaceuticals, Nixon Advantage, Results Accountants Systems, Entrepreneurs Institute, Roger Hamilton, Icon Business Solutions, Expense Reduction Analysts, The Rock Building Society, Universal Events, MarketFirst Group, Wealth Dynamics, AFA Wealth, Blueprint Property Group, Quest Property and Investment Services, Southern Cross Investment Group, Du Magic …

Plus …

  • Educated over 30,000 people on marketing, internet marketing and copywriting.
  • Helped add many millions of dollars in value to people in all sorts of industries
  • Took one business from start-up to industry leader in 18 months;
  • Doubled the annual turnover of one business with one advertising pack;
  • Generated six figure sales selling my online products;
  • Speaker/Educator who is engaging, inspiring and gives great “real world” value
  • Worked with a huge variety of industries … professional services, financial services, business services, real estate, property investment, home trades services, cosmetics industry, natural health, event marketing, personal development, internet publishing, speakers, removalists, engineering, mining, car sales, shop-fitting, stationery, photography, hairdressing, gift baskets, internet start-ups, employment services, franchising and much more.
  • Have written for numerous magazines and my articles have featured in 1000′s of publications worldwide



  • 1993: Started my communications consultancy, Words that Sell.
  • 1994: Started a mail order division marketing my advertising guide, “How to Create an Explosion with Every Ad and Letter you Write”.
  • 1997: Became a partner at business planning consultancy which offered business planning services to small business owners around Australia and was sold via seminar.
  • 2000: My twin sons were born.
  • 2001: Published the ‘Employee Induction Kit’ and sold it online.
  • 2001: Published ‘The Marketing Manager’s Toolkit’
  • 2001: Published ‘Real Estate Letters that Sell’
  • 2001: Published ‘Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell’
  • 2003: Partnered in a print broking firm.
  • 2004: Partnered in a Real Estate business.
  • 2004: Started ‘College of Copywriting and Marketing’ which later became known as ‘International Writers and Consultants Academy.
  • 2005: Launched Freelance Copywriting Fast Track course
  • 2005: Launched Direct Mail Mastery Course
  • 2005: Launched Website Copywriting Mastery Course
  • 2009: Partnered in a property investment consultancy offering property investment and SMSF education to home owners.
  • 2011: Launched ‘The Great 33 Day FireUp’
  • 2012: Published my book, ‘Invisible Genius: The Intuition Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and How to Profit from Them’.
  • 2013: Published: “Influence Genius: The Influencing Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and how to Profit from Them”
  • 2014 Launched ‘The 60 Day FireUp’
  • 2015: Launched ‘90 Day Sales & Marketing FireUp’
  • 2015: Published ‘Consultant Marketing Secrets’
  • 2016: Launched ‘LinkedIn Client Attraction Mastery’
  • 2016: Ran “Game Changer Marketing Reinvention Experience”
  • 2016: Launched Wildly Wealthy Wayshowers

“Once in a while we cross paths with a special person, someone who is highly talented and a leader in their given field. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kristina Mills, I am able to say, is one of those special people. She is without a doubt, the best copywriter and strategic marketer I’ve encountered anywhere in Australia.


Simply put, Kristina is a marketing magician. What she does with words is genius. Her ability to create marketing and promotional pieces and strategies that actually work makes her my first choice whenever I need to generate more sales enquiry for my business.”

Peter Hutton, Peter Hutton Real Estate


It isn’t in my nature to hang out a shingle shouting all my esoteric gifts to the world and I’m not that into labels but as humans I realise that we like to put labels on things so here’s a list of what I do and what I’ve done:

  • Clairscentient (clear feeling)
  • Claircogniscent (clear knowing)
  • Clairaudient (clear hearing)
  • Medical intuitive
  • Business intuitive
  • Master healer
  • Light Body Activation
  • Alchemy
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Past Lives
  • Enneagram as a tool for spiritual growth
  • Esoteric Astrology
  • Intuition Training
  • Voice Channel

Having said all of this, if you want a one-off intuitive reading, a psychic reading, or a healing session, I’m not the person for you. Sure, I do those things, but I’m not into bandaid solutions or helping you seek answers outside of yourself.

Instead, I’m here to help you evolve, develop your gifts, awaken your god self so you have all the answers, all the power, all the love you need to change the world. Let’s have a conversation to see what’s possible for you.

Much love xxx







  • Invisible Genius Vol. 1
  • Invisible Genius Vol. 2
  • Tune In and Grow Rich
  • The Accidental Prophet
  • Six Figure Copywriting Fast-Track  Course
  • How to Create a Sales Explosion with Every Ad and Letter You Write


  •  Proposals and Tenders that Sell
  • Direct Mail Copywriting Mastery
  • Website Copywriting Mastery
  • Copywriting Sizzle Stick


  • Website Copywriting Mastery
  • Direct Mail Copywriting Mastery
  • Headlines that Sell
  • Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell
  • Financial Planner Letters that Sell
  • Real Estate Letters that Sell
  • Marketing Manager’s Toolkit
  • Marketing Plan Time Saver Kit
  • Employee Induction Kit